Corvettes on CraigsList: 1958 Bondo Custom Roadster


Corvettes on Craigs List: 1958 Bondo Custom Roadster

The description calls this Corvette a “very unique find” and I think most of us would agree that it should have stayed lost. The same family in Tennessee has had the Corvette since 1968 and in 1972 they added the custom nose and bondo-crafted rear flares. The front actually looks like the 1958 Corvette XP-700 concept that was penned by Chuck Jordan, the GM head of design who passed away last week. Unfortunately, that’s all that this craigslist special has in common with XP-700.

The seller represents the engine as being a 327 cubic inch block produced in 1962 and says the transmission and rear end are original to the roadster. The Corvette runs and ad claims that all the gauges, lights and the non-original radio are working. The interior perfectly compliments the exterior on this franken-vette. The new owner will find that the custom interior was just glued down over the top of the original dash and door covers.

1958 Bondo Custom Roadster

The Corvette is for sale through a dealer in Lenoir City, Tennessee but you won’t find any pics of this Corvette classing up their website. The selling price is $21,000 and the Corvette was first listed on November 5th, 2010.

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  1. I have the same car frome 1959 with xp700 nose like to know how but the nose an if there are more cars with the smae nose

  2. Yes Jack, there is at least 1 other. I have watched this car sit for 30+yrs. Same old story – ‘not for sale’.

  3. A couple of companies were selling XP-700 fronts back in the 60s. It wasn’t uncommon to see them driving around.

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