Friday’s Featured Corvettes: ProTeam Corvettes Year End Sale


Friday's Featured Corvettes:  ProTeam Corvettes Year End Sale

I just got word from Terry Michaelis at ProTeam Corvettes about the return of their popular year-end sale. Terry has slashed the pricing on ProTeam’s classic Corvette collection as well as the his Personal Reserve Collection which contains some of the most sought-after Corvettes ever made. This is your last opportunity in 2010 to save thousands on a great Corvette.

ProTeam’s Corvette inventory list contains the regular price and then shows the sales price. And when Terry says you’ll save thousands, he means it:

Terry also tells me ProTeam just purchased 15 project Corvettes primarily from one collection. Some of the cars will need as little as a fresh tune-up, fresh gas, brake work, and some will need complete restorations that will keep ProTeam’s body, trim, and mechanical shops busy this winter. The newly purchased Corvettes are: 1 – 1953, 1 – 1954, 1 – 1955, 1 – 1956, 1 – 1957, 1 – 1958, 2 – 1959’s, 1 – 1960, 1 – 1961, 4 – 1962’s, and 1 – 1965. Those cars will be added to ProTeam’s website in the coming weeks.

Finally, if you’re heading to Chicago for the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals, look for three of ProTeam’s Personal Reserve cars that will be shown at a special display. The three Corvettes are the First Production 1967 RPO L88 also known as the “The ex-Tony DeLorenzo Car” which is the only known black 1967 L88 convertible, a 1968 L88 Red/Red Convertible which is one of two known to exist and a 1971 ZR2 Corvette Convertible which is one of two known ZR2 Convertibles.

* Sale prices are good for a limited time and subject to change without notice.

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