[VIDEO] 1963 E-ROD Corvette Grand Sport at SEMA


[VIDEO] 1963 E-ROD Corvette Grand Sport at SEMA

Dr. Jamie Meyers from GM Performance Parts talks with Lance Stander from Superformance on the floor of the 2010 SEMA show. Lance discusses the officially GM-licensed Grand Sport continuation program which features GM Performance Part’s 556-hp supercharged E-ROD LSA.

This car must be a real beast to drive. The emissions-compliant LSA puts out 556 horsepower and 551 ft/lbs of torque in a sports car that weights just 2400 lbs! Okay, sign me up!

GM Performance Parts on YouTube

1963 Corvette Grand Sport Replica Featuring the New GMPP E-ROD LSA Crate Engine
Superformance Recreates Iconic Corvette Grand Sport



  1. The car is incredible. The 63 Grand Sport has always been my favorite Corvette of all time. BUT, I just have one question……..Why the hell was the car built in SOUTH AFRICA? Superformance is based out of Irvine, CA.

  2. Yeah it’s nice to have a Grand Sport look-a-like, but why present it as if it was built exactly like the original 63 Grand Sports? It’s a clone folks. It’s not an accurate reproduction. It’s a hopped up MODERN version of the one and only true 63 Grand Sport! They make it sound as if they re-invented the wheel! And the cost? Can’t wait to hear what that will be. I own an all original 63 Big Block Roadster. But one can buy all the parts needed to make an exact copy. Does that make it an original as well? I think not! If it were added to the production line at Bowling Green as a bona fide Corvette model, I might be persuaded to change my view, but a car kit is just that! A kit. Sorry to sound so negative.

  3. Gary, the big deal is because it is the only “Licensed by GM” Grand Sport replica on the market. There have been others, but because they are not licensed, they are not exact. The bodies are slightly off, there is no real Grand Sport badging (and if there is, then they are breaking the law), and other copyright things.

  4. Hi Folks:
    Just thought I would add my two bits to the conversation. It seems to me that Duntov commisioned and built a 402 cubic inch engine with double overhead camshafts. Can anyone comment on that? I might have read that in the Dave Friedman book. One person who might know for sure is Gib Hufstader who worked with Duntov.

  5. I had the distinct honor and privilege of helping in the restoration of the 1962 version of the 001 Grand Sport. The car was rebuilt in North Hollywood CA in the early 90’s and was campaigned in a historic racing format until it’s sale. In the meantime we had racked up ten wins, two second’s and one third overall during the roughly two years the car was raced.

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