[VIDEO] Corvette Z06X and Camaro SSx Walkaround


[VIDEO] Corvette Z06X and Camaro SSx Walkaround

Chevy’s Marketing Manager of Performance Cars John Fitzpatrick and Gary Mulder, GM Performance Division and builder of the SEMA track concept cars were out at Spring Mountain to talk about the Camaro SSx and the Corvette Z06x. Interest in the Z06x track car is very high but according to Fitzpatrick, the concept exists only as a test bed to showcase the racing accessories available from GM Performance Parts, as well as Pratt and Miller and Pfadt Race Engineering.

GM Performance Part’s YouTube Channel

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  1. this should definetly be available as an option; the porsche has the gt3 rs which has roll bar and other track safty equipment already installed. To get a Z06 and then install these items especially a roll bar is time consuming and difficult because of the interior. I would definetly be in line to put a deposit down for one.

  2. I really hope GM decides to move these into production. Other manufacturers have factory race car versions, time for GM to jump on that ship.

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