[VIDEO] Auction Employee Gets Busted After Hooning Corvette ZR1


[VIDEO] Auction Employee Gets Busted After Hooning Corvette ZR1

An employee of Manheim’s Dallas auto auction has been found out as the guy who took a Corvette ZR1 for a quick spin in a parking lot, with burnouts and power slides part of the non-inspiring repertoire. Unfortunately for him, it wasn’t his car and he didn’t have permission and now the dealer that took possession of the ZR1 is demanding his arrest. Following is the video of said hoonage and the fallout.

For guys and girls in the business of moving and transporting high performance sports cars, there are three rules you need to follow in this new digital world we live in. First, you don’t take a Corvette ZR1 that’s not yours out of a storage facility and do burnouts and power slides. Second, if you break rule #1, don’t video yourself or the license plate of the car you just hooned. Finally, if you break rules #1 and #2, don’t upload video to youtube for all to see including your boss.

Youtube user jin69ohyeah broke those three rules. He hooned a Corvette ZR1 that wasn’t his. He videoed the experience which shows both his face and the drive-away plate from Woodhouse Chrysler Dodge Jeep. And finally, he uploaded that video to YouTube which got picked up by Jalopnik and others.

Now an employee of Woodhouse Chrysler Dodge Jeep has called Dallas police to report the Manheim security guard for improperly taking the Corvette out of the storage facility and abusing the car the way he did.

Steven Karaus responded to an email from Jalopnik and said:

“That car was inside at that auction and that is a security guard that abused his former job by getting it out and doing that to a car that he does NOT own in anyway. Also we WILL be pressing charges with the Dallas police in the morning for taking the car WITHOUT ANY permission from us in anyway and also for the way it was treated.”

The original video was deleted from jin69ohyeah‘s youtube account, but it seems another youtube user has it in for the security guard as he reposted the Corvette ZR1 Fun video along with the names and telephone numbers to his supervisors. jin69ohyeah seems to have learned nothing from the experience (or that comeuppance is still coming) because he left the following comment:

hahahah this is funny…..that guy is a bad mother fucker…hahahaha its me..

For 2 minutes and 30 seconds of fun in a Corvette ZR1, the security guard has probably lost his job and may be facing an even more severe form of punishment if Woodhouse and the Dallas police department catch up to him. Was it worth it?


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  1. lmao. this is great. yes it was a bad judgement call, but that is probably the best workout that car will get before getting to the garage of its future 75 year old owner. my advice, next time you do this, wear a racing helmet to disguise your face.

  2. Precisely what this car was built to do! Bravo to that guy. I see a job in his future with a racing team that sees this and picks him up for the publicity.

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