[VIDEO] Things to do in a Corvette ZR1: Burnouts!


The 2009 Corvette ZR1 doing a burnout

Now that the new King of the Hill has arrived, we are slowly making our way down the list of “Things to do in Corvette ZR1”. Let’s recap: Sell for $1 Million at Barrett-Jackson? Check! Kick the Nissan GT-R’s ass on the Nurburgring? Check! Do a 100 yard burnout on the Milford test track? Check!

Our friends at Autoblog captured a Red Devil putting the rubber to road twice in front of cameras. The ZR1’s supercharged 638 horses were begging to be let loose while the huge Brembo 15.5 inch carbon-ceramic brakes makes sure that it didn’t. Truly a spectacle that only a car enthusiast could appreciate.

So what’s next on our “Things to Do in a Corvette ZR1” list? One word: Dyno!

Photo Credit: Sam Abuelsamid / Weblogs, Inc

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