[VIDEO] Bone Stock Corvette ZR1 Runs 10.851 @ 129.89 MPH


Bone Stock Corvette ZR1 Runs 10.851 @ 129.89 MPH

This may be the first bone-stock Corvette ZR1 to run the quarter mile in the 10’s. Corvette Forum’s Racerns posted video and the time slip from last Monday’s drag run at Maryland International Raceway. Following the bone stock quarter mile runs, the Corvette ZR1 switched to drag radials and the forum’s “Ranger” dialed up an even faster run of 10.730 @ 132.46 mph. Videos of both runs are after the jump.

Amazingly, both drivers still feel there is room for improvement in times as drivers learn the personality quirks of the ZR1 and leverage conducive weather conditions. Racerns proves this theory as his previous best in the 2009 Cyber Gray Corvette ZR1 was 11.05 @ 129.1 mph set back in April. Ranger speculates that this stock Corvette ZR1 will likely run low 10.70s on stock tires and high 10.50s on drag radials. Based on the positive feedback, you can bet that it will only be matter of time before both are back at MIR with the Corvette ZR1.

Visit the Corvette Forum to read all about the days events at MIR.

Stock Corvette ZR1 Run:

Corvette ZR1 with Drag Radials:

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  1. What a scream machine!!! No production Porsche, Ferrari, Lambo currently can touch these numbers… at least 6 car lenths ahead of these supercars at the finish line, lol!

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