The Lords of Corvette’s ZR1 Take a German Lunch Break


The Corvette ZR1 at a German McDonalds

So you’re an American in Germany, home of the beerhouse and wiener schnitzel and you’re hungry. So where do you go to grab something fast and familiar? McDonald’s of course! The Corvette ZR1 is shown here sitting in a parking lot at a local German McDonalds while the drivers are no doubt filling themselves up on “Royales with Cheese”.

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The Corvette ZR1 at a German McDonalds The Corvette ZR1 at a German McDonalds The Corvette ZR1 at a German McDonalds

Team Corvette has been in Germany with the ZR1 doing their high-speed testing around the Nürburgring. Corvette’s Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter said that the “ZR1 will beat the track record for production cars at any road course in the world” and that he expects a ‘ring lap time of around “seven minutes twenty-something seconds.”

According to, “Hij is gespot! Er zwerven al geruime tijd spyshots over het net en nu is hij open en bloot gespot op de parkeerplaats bij een McDonalds in Duitsland. De Corvette ZR1 zal volgens de heren van Corvette in staat zijn ieder record van productie-auto’s op ieder circuit te verbeteren. ”

Using Google’s Dutch to English translator:

“He is spotted! There has long been spyshots wander through the net and now he is openly spotted at the parking lot at a McDonalds in Germany. The Corvette ZR1, according to the lords of Corvette capable of any record of production cars at any circuit.”

It appears that GM’s Corvette guys have a soft spot for fast food. Back in March, we brought you the video of a group of Corvette ZR1 drivers filling up at a Wendy’s in Bowling Green, Kentucky before making the long trek to Detroit.

Lastly, I’ve got to ask, what is up with that German McDonald’s parking lot configuration?


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