South African Designer Creates Stir With Corvette ZR1 Fireblade


Corvette ZR1 Fireblade

The interwebs have been on fire since the release of South African designer Idries Noah’s digital rebodied Corvette ZR1 dubbed the ZR1 Fireblade. The automotive blogosphere is throwing around phrases like “a hotter ZR1” and “better than the real ZR1” and the breathless excitement about a car that isn’t even real leaves me shaking my head. I usually doesn’t give much coverage to rebodied Corvettes (other than Callaway or the new Pratt & Miller C6RS) as I prefer the real thing.

And I’m not so sure whether this was an exercise in car design or digital lighting but the concept works for me in an exaggerated hotwheels sort of way. The polycarbonate window showcasing the King of the Hill’s LS9 Supercharged 6.2L V8 is still there but enlarged to show more. The swooping curves and angles are everywhere and I especially like the rear-end treatment from the B-pillar back. The front? Not so much.

Corvette ZR1 Fireblade Corvette ZR1 Fireblade
Corvette ZR1 Fireblade Corvette ZR1 Fireblade

The Corvette ZR1 Fireblade is a dream only, but perhaps the styling gurus at GM’s Corvette studio should take notice of the strong design cues as they lay pen to paper designing the next generation Corvette.

So what do you think of the Corvette ZR1 Fireblade? Love it? Hate it? Should GM designers consider aspects of this design for the C7? Leave a comment by clicking the link below.

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  1. Nice, but can GM build it and how will it feel and handle? Design is one thing, production and conformance to the numerous standards is quite another. Sharp design however.

  2. It’s a very sharp design, and would make for a hot car on the road, but I think it lacks the classic corvette design cues that would be necessary for a Corvette production car. Though i do think the back end could be given round tail lights and would be very attractive on the cC7.

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