Corvette to get iPod Integration


Corvette, as well as 56 other models under the GM corporate umbrella will soon have a factory device called the “Personal Audio Link” that allows owners to hook up their iPods and play them through their factory audio systems. Rollout of the PAL will begin in October this year and by then of 2007, most GM vehicles should be equipped with the device. The Personal Audio Link uses existing radio software and is integrated through the radio’s digital XM Satellite Radio bank. XM does not have to be activated for the system to work. Similar to FM Modulated systems, the XM integration offers improved sound and contents (artist, title, genre) are viewable on the radio’s display. The radio controls on the Corvette’s steering wheel will allow drivers to adjust the system volume. Personal Audio Link Key Features – At a Glance

  • Seamlessly connects an iPod to the vehicle’s factory installed audio system
  • Charges iPod when ignition is on
  • Choose from English, Spanish or French language for function displays
  • Search and display music by genre, playlist, album, artist
  • Use seek function to move forward or reverse within a song for up to 15 seconds
  • Select “shuffle” function to mix music
  • Sort music using “alphabetical jump” from A-Z list
  • Sort and select Podcasts and audio books by title
  • Control volume from steering wheel controls
  • Personalize text display in dynamic mode (radio display scrolls through artist, album, title, song, time remaining, etc.) or static mode (fixed on one display element such as artist)
  • Perform fast music searches using high-speed text display technology
The Personal Audio Link will be sold through dealerships for under $160. Source: GM
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  1. Frank:

    It sounds like it may be possible, although it may require another software update of older systems. We’ll just have to wait and see until it becomes available.

  2. Keith:

    I did up grade to the MP3 player on my Nav system. Do you think they may not upgrade the 2005 models with this ipod feature?

  3. Frank:

    By reading the description, the Personal Audio Link sounds like a hardward device that connects to the NAV, and then you plug the ipod into it. My guess is that there will be a software update, but we won’t know that for sure until the device is available.

  4. If I order a 2008 now with a NAV, can I request the PAL option and is it available now. I saw where it said it will be available in October?

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