[VIDEO] C5 Corvette Z06 Catches on Fire while Running Puerto Rico Half Mile Event

[VIDEO] C5 Corvette Z06 Catches on Fire while Running Puerto Rico Half Mile Event

With flames shooting out in all directions, the driver of this C5 Corvette Z06 keeps on moving for a few seconds before finally coming to a stop during the 2015 Puerto Rico Half Mile Event a few days ago.

He climbs out, runs around for a few seconds, and then basically has to see his Corvette disappear rather quickly as the body and interior are consumed by the blaze.

It doesn’t take long for several emergency vehicles to reach the scene, along with a couple of other cars and even a golf cart as the video almost turns into a zany flick from the 1920s at one point. Finally, two fire trucks begin to pump water onto the blaze, but sadly it’s too little, too late.

By the end of the video, we’re disappointed to see the frame and birdcage of the Corvette are all that remains resting atop a rollback. The body and interior are long gone, and adding insult to injury, one wrecker worker even tosses what looks like a muffler or some other small piece onto the frame just before it’s towed away.

According to a website for the Puerto Rico Half Mile Event, it is “the most prestigious exotic car racing event in Puerto Rico,” held at the Rafael Hernández Airport (previously Ramey Base) in Aguadilla. First held in 2011, the sixth edition was the first to be open to the general public, who will definitely have lots to remember about their visit.

One person named David Torres commenting on the fire had this to say:

“People talk out of ignorance here, 1: that car is made of fiberglass, it’s a pain to extinguish if gets on fire. 2: the car was running NITROUS, VERY VERY HARD to extinguish too because it keeps the fire burning even more because of the oxygen content. 3: They used three (3) 30lbs extinguishers with no luck because of the Nitrous, fiberglass mixture. 4: The airport fire truck had to hose down the fire for at least 35 min. because of the flammable mixture. That Corvette was doomed since the beginning, no fire truck in the world would have save it. The fire response team got there between 2 minutes time.”

We’re just glad the car didn’t explode because it looks like there were a lot of people close to the Corvette before the blaze was finally extinguished. Since this is the Thanksgiving season, at least the owner can be thankful for that, despite losing his hot-rod Corvette (no pun intended) in a matter of minutes.


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