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1959 Corvette Stolen from the Netherland’s Corvette Fame Meeting

by Keith Cornett on July 11, 2011

1959 Corvette Stolen from the Netherland's Corvette Fame Meeting

Sometime during the night of July 8th, 2011, this 1959 Red Corvette was stolen from the garage of the Atlanta hotel in Valkenburg aan de Geul, Netherlands. The Corvette and its owner Piet Baggerman were there for the start of Holland’s 9th annual Corvette Fame show. The VIN of this Corvette is J59S104971. Word of the theft has been spread throughout the European Corvette community and we wanted to do our part to help out.

The owner is obviously concerned that the Corvette will be or has already been exported to another country and will be offered for sale abroad.

If you come across a Red/White 1959 Corvette with a VIN of J59S104971, please call police immediately.

Here is the last picture taken of the Corvette:

1959 Corvette Stolen from the Netherland's Corvette Fame Meeting

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