[PODCAST] Corvette Today Offers 2022 ‘Check-In Episode’ to Kick Off the New Year


[PODCAST] Corvette Today Offers 2022 'Check-In Episode' to Kick Off the New Year

Photo Credit: CorvetteFurman.com

To begin 2022, Steve Garrett of the CORVETTE TODAY Podcast thought it would be fun to “check-in” with some friends of the show to see what’s going on with them and how they are starting the New Year!

Join your CORVETTE TODAY host, Steve Garrett, as he begins with John Kraman, the TV co-host of the Mecum Auctions. John talks about their record-breaking 2021, where you can find them on TV in 2022, and what auctions are scheduled in the new year.

Then, Steve checks in with Mike Furman, the #1 Corvette salesperson in the world. Mike talks about Corvette delivery #6,000 and when he thinks it will happen along with the new Z06.

Finally, Steve sit down with Derek Moore, the Director of Collections and Curator for the National Corvette Museum. Derek gives you an overview of upcoming exhibits, an update on tornado damage and repairs to the NCM and the Motorsports Park and a look at upcoming events at the Museum for 2022.

Three different “check-in’s” with three different people! It’s a great way to start off 2022 with the CORVETTE TODAY podcast!

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