Mid-Engine Cadillac XLR Rendering Based on C8 Corvette HTC Looks Surprisingly Good


Mid-Engine Cadillac XLR Rendering Based on C8 Corvette HTC Looks Surprisingly Good

Photo Credit: jlord8 / Instagram

Remember back in the days before the mid-engine Corvette was officially announced by Chevy when some people believed the mysteriously wrapped car being captured by spy photographers might actually be a Cadillac instead?

Well, an artist named “jlord8” must be longing for those good ol’ days because he recently posted on Instagram his take on a new Cadillac XLR based on a C8 Corvette.

While we like the look and wouldn’t turn it down, we still believe that the Corvette should be Chevy domain only and that Cadillac should go off in a different direction of its own, perhaps producing a two-seater with a Blackwing engine or maybe even an all-electric version.

The response from jlord8’s fans was quite different, however.

One person posted: “That’s what the C8 really should have been.”

Another said: “Looks so much better than the actual C8.”

One said: “In an alternate universe I’d like to imagine the Cien was made and based on the C8 to compete with higher-end mid-engine cars.”

One wasn’t so sure about the design, saying: “Has to be hotter than this.”

Another hopes it doesn’t happen, arguing: “Don’t do it Cadillac. It did not work the last time and it won’t work this time either.”

We’d be inclined to agree. Cadillac hasn’t had much success with two-seater sports cars in the past. Maybe it’s best to leave that territory up to Tadge and his crew!

jlord8 / Instagram via AutoEvolution.com

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  1. Not a bad concept, but I agree that sports car territory is best solely occupied by the Corvette…although a ME XLR could hold the potential to offset some Corvette costs. All this said, it will be interesting what the facia on the Cadillac LMDh will look like!

  2. 1959 Eldorado, with big fins and those bullet taillights. A brawny, big assed tank of a car. IMHO, that’s a REAL Cadillac. Don’t candy coat a Chevy and call it a Caddy.

  3. brain fart …… make it a very limited production car like the lexus LFA ,,,, 1st year , only 250 produced , add 50 each year up to 500….

  4. Cadillac won’t make that mistake again. It is a shame that they chickened out on the LT5 for the CT5-V.


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