[VIDEO] Drive These 10 Corvettes in Forza Horizon 5 Starting November 5th


Drive these 10 Corvettes in Forza Horizon 5 Starting November 5th

Photo Credit: Forza Wiki

One of the year’s most anticipated games is set to hit Xbox and Windows on November 5th, 2021. Forza Horizon 5 is the fifth installment in the wildly popular open-world “driving festival” series from Playground Games. Details about the first Forza game built for the next-gen Xbox Series X have been slowly hitting the ‘net since the title was officially announced in June.

After stops in Colorado, the South of France/Northern Italy, Australia, and England, Horizon 5 will bring the festival back to North America with a beautifully rendered (and fictionalized) version of Mexico that has been touted as the most expansive map in the history of the series. Last week saw the release of the initial vehicle list, and, at 426 members strong, it doesn’t disappoint, even next to the magnitude of the rest of the game.

[VIDEO] Drive These 10 Corvettes in Forza Horizon 5 Starting November 5th

Around here, we are most interested in the cars that get highlighted when we command F the word “Corvette.” Those of you who join us humble bloggers in the land of lacking the cash to collect real versions of our favorite specimens, Microsoft has the next best thing with an outstanding line-up of ‘Vettes coming to a screen near you on release day.

These include examples from all eight generations. Horizon 5 buyers will have the choice between the first page of the Corvette story with a Polo White 1953, a 435-Horse example from 1967, an LT-1-powered 1970 ZR1, a 32-Valve ’95 ZR-1, a 2002 Z06, a 2009 ZR1, C7 Z06 and ZR1, and even a mid-engined 2020 Stingray.

Drive These 10 Corvettes in Forza Horizon 5 Starting November 5th

That’s not all either, in the Formula Drift section you’ll find a bonus, #777 Corvette. This Borla-sponsored racecar is based on the C6 Z06 and features an LS7 that has been supercharged to a rear tire-igniting 1,050 ponies. As always, each car in the game is hugely customizable depending on the terrain and your desired level of sideways action.

The Standard Edition of the game is included with Xbox Game Pass and available for early download, while Deluxe and Premium Editions (which score you all upcoming downloadable content, expansions, and other perks) run $79.99 and $99.99, respectively. The Xbox Series X console, itself starts at $499.99 and has a “little brother,” the Series S, which you can think of as the Camaro of Xboxes which can be yours for a more reasonable $299.99 if you can find either in stock. We’ll see you in Mexico, Corvette Nation!


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