[PICS] The C8 Corvette E-Ray Shows a Unique Exhaust Outlet


[PICS] The C8 Corvette E-Ray Shows a Unique Exhaust Outlet

Photo Credits: Stefan Baldauf / SB-Medien

The C8 Corvette Engineering Team is back in Germany and they have been seen driving a C8 Corvette E-Ray. Thanks to the new spy photos that came out, we think we’ve spotted something new on the performance hybrid model.

The defining characteristic of the E-Ray’s design is the corner-mounted exhaust which remains almost identical to the Stingray as both will be powered by the 495-hp LT2 V8. These latest spy pics appear to show the E-Ray’s exhaust outlets will be unique to the model.

Here is a set of photos that shows the E-Ray’s exhaust outlet is square at the top and has a rounded bottom. The Stingray’s exhaust ports are much more square:

The C8 Corvette E-Ray Shows a Unique Exhaust Outlet

The C8 Corvette E-Ray Shows a Unique Exhaust Outlet

The C8 Corvette E-Ray Shows a Unique Exhaust Outlet

The C8 Corvette E-Ray Shows a Unique Exhaust Outlet

We’ve been writing about this performance hybrid for more than a year now, and it’s interesting how much support we are seeing for the rumored model among Corvette enthusiasts. Still, we are receiving emails from those still trying to grasp what this car does. It takes the best thing you like about the Corvette (its V8 engine) and now adds two electric-assist motors to the front wheels for added performance. That eAWD as it has been called should equip the E-Ray with a bunch more torque at launch and because the primary power comes from the internal combustion engine (ICE), there are no range limitations other than normal refueling. The batteries that power the car will be charged through regenerative braking so no need to plug it in.

We are also expecting more visual clues on the finished model that will differentiate the widebody Z06 from the widebody E-Ray, much the same as the C7 Corvette Z06 was different than the Grand Sport.

See anything else new here? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I’m surprised you didn’t mention the narrow vertical air vents to the left & right of the corner exhaust pipes. It’s another quick way to visually differentiate the E-Ray from a Z06 (with it’s center-mounted exhaust pipes).

  2. Check out the side window? behind both the driver and passenger side windows. To me, it looks like it is outlined in a E shape on the E Ray compare to the Z06 and Stingray. It may just be the camouflage tape but may be a difference.

  3. Makes me wonder if the E will be a quicker straight line car than the Z. It likely will have less total HP, but the AWD on the launch could be a game changer.


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