[SPIED] C8 Corvette Z06 Has a Nice Sound, Looks to Have a Very Short First Gear


[SPIED] C8 Corvette Z06 Has a Nice Sound, Looks to Have a Very Short First Gear

Our friends at the MidEngineCorvetteForum.com found this “side-ways video” posted to YouTube last Monday showing the C8 Corvette Z06 on a public street that may or may not be around Leimbach, France, and our neck has been getting a real workout as we’ve already watched it a half-dozen times.

The car was spied on a small turn-off lane and it looks like it was parked there while a short rain fell as you can see dry pavement when it takes off.

What’s remarkable about this video is watching as the car gets underway and you can hear a very, very short shift from first to second gear.

Also remarkable is the sound from flat-plane crank V8 as the car enters the roadway. The engine climbs to the upper revs which produces an exotic-sounding engine note, and then there is a nice pop during a shift as the car drives out of sight.

Db GrifT / YouTube

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  1. Production engines shouldn’t “pop.” It denotes incomplete combustion which is a tuning issue.

  2. I wouldn’t describe the sound as “nice” but more exotic. It’s unlike any Corvette I’ve ever heard. It’s not a bad sound, it just sounds so different from the previous generations of the Corvette.

  3. Many have opined that N-Aaspirated, FP-Crank, 9000RPMs means weak low end TQ and slow off the line.

    The shortShort 1st gear + DCT will make it very quick off the line and low end. Revs so quick to the red line. Probable has a light flywheel.

  4. Sounds great. It’s pretty obvious that the instant revs are due to the tires breaking loose on the damp pavement but that’s ok, sounds great!

  5. Even if it doesn’t have massive amounts of low end torque it won’t need it. When you shift at a red line approximately 9000 RPM it will only drop probably to 7000 RPM which is still well within its max torque band And definitely close to its peak horsepower

  6. The way it sounds should further distinguish it as a true sports car, instead of a muscle car trying to be a sports car. I was watching the 24HOLM and it’s quite revealing how so different it sounds from the C7.R down the Mulsanne Straights and in between the chicane’s. It even makes the C.R sound faster.

  7. As the very proud owner of a 1990 ZR-1, that sounds fabulous at 7400 rpm, this C8 sounds freaking wicked. Chevy ain’t playing with this machine, will be interesting seeing this beast destroy the cars that have all been matched with the base stingray and bragging about out running a base model. Come and get some of this bad boy. Going to be some broken hearts. Corvette forever.

  8. Great sound and love the aero package. Any wagers on a package price, fam? My colleagues and I are banking on north of $95k.

  9. I’m an instructor for the local NASA group and one of the race tracks I go to has a sound limitation of 86 dbs. And if your car makes a loud popping sound it counts as a violation, it will cost you $500.00 So I really would not like a car that makes a popping sound, as many of the turbo cars have been fined for it.

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