[VIDEO] T.J. Hunt’s Streethunter Widebody Kit for the C8 Corvette is Complete


[VIDEO] T.J. Hunt's Streethunter Widebody Kit for the C8 Corvette is Complete

Well, it’s finally complete! YouTuber TJ Hunt has been waiting on his much-hyped widebody C8 by SOS Customz for more than a year (we introduced the story here and shared an update here), and the payoff is finally here! The enhanced Torch Red Stingray is now roadworthy, and SOS has the video to prove it.

Widebody kits have picked up where matte paint left off a few years ago as the de-facto mod in the world of custom cars, and the eighth-generation Corvette is the hottest OEM vehicle on the market, so it was only a matter of time before the two were fused. Whether it is to your taste or not, it is hard to argue against the quality of this build from SOS! Aside from the obvious extra girth, they included a huge carbon-fiber wing that sits on a pair of struts, a carbon fiber rear diffuser, and front splitter, and a set of Chicago style (deep dish!) multi-spoke wheels. When TJ arrives on set to see his car, he says that the finishing touch is going to include “slamming” the car, even though its nose barely clears the street when pulling out of the lightly inclined shop entrance. One thing is for sure; this thing looks insane already, and, when lowered, the effect can only get crazier.

[VIDEO] T.J. Hunt's Streethunter Widebody Kit for the C8 Corvette is Complete

Now, our cheat sheet for the video! From 0:00 to 1:12, you get a solid walk-around; if you are interested in seeing the car, this is one of the best clips for you. Next, TJ shows up and small talks for a while; feel free to skip this part. At 2:43, we get our first glimpse of the car on the street, including multiple angles at 2:44. The low clearance shot comes at 3:32, followed by a fuel stop and some interior footage of the StreetHunter. Unless you are interested in more chit-chat and/or learning some new slang for “derriere,” it is best to jump ahead from there to around the 7-minute mark when the crew gets some rolling shots of the car while hanging out the window of TJ’s Duramax “turbo-diesel.” Once this concludes, you should consider the value of your time and tap-out unless you enjoyed the earlier bits where the breeze was being shot because there is plenty more where that came from the eighth minute through the conclusion of the video. Once you finally hit that “x” button on the vid, be sure to sound off in our comment section about your thoughts and any action you hope to see the wide C8 take part in.


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  1. I like it but even with front end lift I don’t think that front splitter would be practical for the street. It would get all scraped up in no time and detract from the good looks of the car.

  2. The rear quarter panel is ridiculous, looks like they glued and sanded legos onto the car. Needs to have flow the same as production unless you like the 4×4 trucks that have the black rubber fender well covers bolted on…

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