[PICS] Owner Begins Transformation of His C8 Corvette Into…Something Else


[PICS] Owner Begins Transformation of His C8 Corvette Into...Something Else

Photo Credit: Jack Wendel

True artists often have a vision that’s not always in tune with the way the masses see things.

That includes artisans who take a production vehicle and create their own “improved” version with major modifications.

Witness Jack Wendel, who has owned his C8 Corvette for just a month but is already well on his way to drastically modifying it into a form that he plans to offer as a kit to other Stingray owners. To show how serious he is about his mission, Wendel has purchased two coach building companies to help him.

Naturally, performing such changes to a car as beloved as the Corvette is bound to elicit some strong feelings from the public.

“The problem is, people see it as a Corvette and I’m destroying something that they consider beautiful. So from that perspective, you know, I kind of understand it,” Wendel tells The Drive. “But they’re not seeing the other perspective: I’m building something and I needed a good platform to start with. What better platform is there than the C8 to start with?”

He tells The Drive that his new car will be a combination of Art Deco and performance, even sending them a photo of a clay model showing how much of a change it will be from the original car built in Bowling Green.

If you’d like to keep up with his progress, you can check out his YouTube channel called Shadetree Supercar and on Facebook too.

“It’s 100 times more difficult than I thought it would be,” said Wendel. “I’ve been racing cars my entire life, building chassis, and building my own race cars. I thought it wouldn’t be that much more difficult to do this. And it’s at least 100 times more difficult than I thought it would be.”

Tell us what you think. We’ll wait and see the final version for our final opinion, but no matter what, we definitely admire someone who takes his dream to such passionate levels.


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  1. What an ugly POS that will be…. Spoiling a beautiful C8 ( Chevy finally got it right) now someone wants to turn it into a Turd….

  2. This guy should be shot what a terrible thing to do he took a beautiful new car and is ruining it

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