[STOLEN] Late Grandfather’s Classic Corvette and Mustang Inheritances Taken From Driveway


[STOLEN] Late Grandfather's Classic Corvette and Mustang Inheritances Taken From Driveway

An Arkansas woman lost her father recently, and now the two classic cars that he was passing down to his grandchildren have been stolen right out of his driveway.

Vicky Smith of Cabot, Arkansas resorted to social media to see if someone might have information that would lead to the recovery of the 1977 red Corvette and 1968 blue Mustang that were gone from her dad’s house when she went by on May 20 to get it ready for listing.

“I can’t describe the sickness I feel constantly in my stomach,” Smith posted on Facebook. “I can’t believe someone would take it upon themselves to just go in the middle of the night and steal both cars they don’t have the keys or titles to them. Someone loaded them cars onto a car hauler of some sort and I have no idea where they took them or what they have done with them.”

Since her father’s house is in the very back of a neighborhood in a cul-de-sac, Smith believes the thefts weren’t a random crime and the culprits could be someone who knew the family.

Restoring the cars over the years had become a family tradition, she says. “That was what going to Papa’s was about was working on them cars and how when something happened to Papa, (her two sons) would each be left with the cars,” Smith said.

Now she’s hoping someone out there can offer information to help get the cars back. “If anyone can help me find out where these cars are, I would be so beyond blessed to say the least,” she said. “This has been a living hell not only having to deal with the death of my father but on top of that now have to deal with telling my kids somebody took Papa’s cars from them. It’s been a nightmare every day.”


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  1. Classic American cars are the hottest must-have vehicles in any car collection moreso than the Euros. There is a romance connected to these cars and they’re extremely valuable in that sense.

    I truly feel terrible for Vicky and hope that they will be found.

  2. Awful! I feel bad for them. Unfortunately this sort of thing happens way too often. Hopefully they will be recovered.

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