[VIDEO] aFe Introduces its MACH Force-XP Cat-Back Exhaust for the C8 Corvette


[VIDEO] aFe Introduces its MACH Force Xp Cat-Back Exhaust for the C8 Corvette

For new C8 Corvette owners, the world is your oyster. You own the hottest car in America and now you have yet another choice if you decide to upgrade your stock C8 exhaust with an aftermarket solution that provides a sound more to your liking.

aFe Power has been developing a host of products for the C8 Corvette and today we are taking a closer look at their newly released MACH Force-XP Cat-Back exhaust systems. There are actually four different cat-back systems and buyers can choose from multiple exhaust tip finishes.

The systems are manufactured from 304 stainless steel tubing for that deep note that sounds right at home on the Corvette. They include active fuel management valves to maintain the proper back pressure when in V4 mode. The AFM valves also eliminates any check engine lights and helps to keep the car emissions compliant.

aFe Introduces its MACH Force-XP Cat-Back Exhaust for the C8 Corvette

The overall appearance of the different systems is very nice and we can tell they put in the time to ensure their systems are just a beautiful as the cars they will be installed on.

For NPP-equipped Stingray, aFe offers an intermediate upgrade with a high flow muffler and NPP valves for a noticeable improvement over the stock NPP exhaust. If you’re wanting a more aggressive sound, the muffler-delete system offers a free-flow X-pipe design with NPP valves. aFe Power says it’s their loudest system offered.

For non-NPP Stingrays, you can with the high-flow muffler that is their “most engaging, least compromising” exhaust system offered. Finally, if you want the most aggressive sound and don’t mind compromising interior sound levels, their no-muffler non-NPP X-Pipe will unleash the thunder!

aFe Introduces its MACH Force-XP Cat-Back Exhaust for the C8 Corvette

According to the aFe Power website, the Cat-Back exhaust with NPP offers an improvement of 9+ horsepower and 10+ lb-ft of torque.

No matter which system you go with, you can decide between three different 4.5-inch exhaust tip variations in Carbon Fiber, Satin Black Ceramic, or Polished.

You can hear all four sound-enhancing exhaust sytems here:

Prices start at $3,068 for the non-NPP muffler delete while the High-flow Muffler with NPP is sale priced at $3,729.

aFe Power

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  1. This latest exhaust system for the C8 from NPP look very artful and minimal at the same time with great exhaust notes. More than this, the number of exhausts in the aftermarket has grown and grown. Essentially, this in and of itself is yet another tribute to the Corvette C8 and the design team that created it. Never before, and so quickly, have so many aftermarket exhaust systems been offered for a sports vehicle in the USA and quite frankly the number of systems available for Ferarri, Porsche & Lambo in Europe and the USA, paled in comparison to the great Corvette C8. This in and of itself is the equivalent of another award for this car. The passion for this vehicle continues to stand out alone in a world of standout sports cars. AF

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