2021 Corvette Production to Run Into August


2021 Corvette Production to Run Into August

May is officially here and that means the next round of ordering for the 2021 Corvette will be opening soon. The Dealer Consensus starts today and dealers are receiving their allocations for May, as well as an estimated allocation for June, which should be the final numbers granted before the end of the 2021 model year.

The memo cautions dealers that June’s allocation is only estimated at this time due to the uncertainty in the supply chain.

The good news for those with orders is that production of the 2021 Corvette models will continue into August now as we believe that Chevy is once again trying to build as many Corvettes as possible before the model year ends.

According to the memo sent to dealers, production will go through the week of August 9th, although that date doesn’t appear to be set in stone.

A previous memo from Chevrolet suggested 2022 model year orders would start in July so the first models off the assembly line could be available around Labor Day which this year falls on September 6th.

Chevrolet has produced around 13,320 Corvettes so far for the 2021 model year. Last week the plant averaged 180 per day and produced 900 for the week.

As we are at the mercy of the supply chain, there could still be additional adjustments made during those final weeks. Next week I believe dealers will receive any constraints for the May orders, so stay tuned.

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  1. I’ll buy one when they are on the lot to test and inspect. Until then it’s all hype and over pricing. My C7 has 850 miles so I’m good for now.

  2. No hype ask anyone who currently is driving one .If you order a new vehicle from a legitimate Chevy Dealer you don’t pay over MSRP

  3. You may be waiting a long time. I waited a year and seven months for my C-8, and I don’t think the backlog will be cleared up any time soon.

  4. I ordered a 2020 Convertible in February of
    2020. Ordered was cancelled. 2021 re-ordered in July. Still 1100 status. Thought I was getting priority since my original ordered was canceled
    Think NOT! Paying sticker. No Overcharge

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