[ACCIDENT] C8 Corvette Gets Ditched in Panama City


[ACCIDENT] C8 Corvette Gets Ditched in Panama City

Photo Credit: Jon Miller / Facebook

There is nothing sadder than spotting a crashed Corvette on the side of the road. You don’t have to be Captain Obvious to determine that something went seriously wrong for this owner, and as Jon mentioned in his Facebook post, we do hope the occupants were okay afterward.

We hope the damage isn’t too severe for the owner because the world doesn’t need another crashed Corvette at Copart, and the owner certainly doesn’t need another 12-month wait for a replacement.

However, if it does go to Copart, I call dibs on the powertrain!

Jon Miller / Facebook

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  1. I wish everyone that gets a new C8 Corvette would take Chevrolet up
    On the discount to go to the Ron Fellows performance Driving School in Nevada so they might stop wrecking all these C8s for not know how to drive their new Cars!

  2. Joe I could not agree more rear engine is a completely different animal. I wanted to go when I bought my 15 but it’s just a pain in the ass to get there

  3. Investing in a few days learning the car’s abilities and quirks is a 100% return on investment. I believe Porsche REQUIRES it for their super Porsches like the 911 Turbo and 918.

  4. I’ve owned eight Corvettes and I’ve never wrecked any of them or any other car I’ve owned. It would at least help if everyone who owns a Corvette would drive their cars like they have some sense and put their phones down while they’re driving.

  5. Don’t be so quick to judge his driving abilities. From the picture I’m guessing he was on Back Beach Road and was probably dodging one of the many morons that traverse that route. Between the snowbirds and tourists you’d better be on your toes when driving around there.

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