[PICS] The Batwoman’s New Batmobile is a C7 Corvette Shooting Brake


[PICS] The Batwoman's New Batmobile is a C7 Corvette Shooting Brake

Photo Credit: Awesome Friday

The entire Bat Family seems to have caught Corvette Fever. A few days after we learned that Bruce Wayne will drive a 1963 Split-Window Corvette when he isn’t donning the cape and cowl in Matt Reeves’ The Batman, the Twitter account of the Awesome Friday podcast announced some more interesting news from the intersection of Bat and ‘Vette.

Someone at Awesome Friday rented the right apartment at the right time because shooting for season two of the CW’s Batwoman was taking place on the street directly outside of their window on October 17th and they were able to capture the title character’s new Batmobile in action.

This first glimpse of Batwoman’s ride shows the unmistakable silhouette of the seventh-generation Corvette. With the incredible starting canvas of what appears to have been a C7 Grand Sport, the producers mixed in design cues from the Callaway AeroWagon, the original TV Batmobile, and Keaton’s 1989 Batmobile. Along with the body kit and a bat-logo-intensive red over black paint scheme that includes a slightly new take on the GS’s iconic heritage hashmarks, the C7 used on set was fitted with red LED chassis ground effects that would be right at home at Corvette Funfest. One of the spy shots also shows a semi-popped hood where the Grand Sport’s LT1 V8 is clearly visible, so it is good to know that Batwoman will be heading into battle with her factory warrantee intact!

While this version of the Batmobile owes some of its simplicity to being made-for-tv instead of the big screen, it is a refreshing take on a vehicle that has been transformed into an urban tank in its most recent iterations. The C7 is much closer in execution to the long, low, and menacing car that most of us grew up dreaming about driving.

Along with Bruce Wayne’s transition to the Crossed Flags from a Mk. III Aston Martin and a collection of Lamborghini’s, it is great to see Gotham’s greatest crime fighters embracing America’s best sports car!

Awesome Friday via motor1.com

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