[VIDEO] Barn Find 1974 Corvette Receives First Car Wash in Over 15 Years


[VIDEO] Barn Find 1974 Corvette Receives First Car Wash in Over 15 Years

We like a good automotive archeology tale and when we came across this “First Wash” video featuring a 1974 Corvette, we figured you would enjoy it as well. There is something very satisfying about watching that accumulated dirt and grime being washed away to reveal a beautiful Corvette Stingray.

The backstory on the Corvette is that it had been stored in a barn for at least 15 years and maybe even longer before the current owner bought it. The car was originally white but now is described as a Dark Purple. However, the color doesn’t fully reveal itself until the water starts flowing.

After a very refreshing pre-wash, the Corvette receives the business end of a foam cannon, and then finally an orbital polisher is run over the car which provides a great “after” pic from how the car looked when it was first pushed out the garage.

[VIDEO] Barn Find 1974 Corvette Receives First Car Wash in Over 15 Years

From WD Detailing on YouTube:

ABANDONED BARN FIND First Wash In 15 Years Corvette! Satisfying Car Detailing Exterior & Restoration. Today, we tackle the exterior of a Corvette that is covered in dirt & debris that hasn’t been washed in over 15 years that will require us to pressure wash the entire exterior, followed by a wash, clay bar and then polishing the paint to bring back its shine.


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  1. I turned out very nice, I wonder how wet the interior got with them using a pressure wash, but they are detailers so I am sure they can handle a bit of dampness. At the end I was waiting for the dog to lift a hind leg to christen a freshly scrubbed tire. Nice car, nice different color for a change.

  2. Terry G NICE VETTE IT IS A 74 ONLY YEAR WITH A SPLIT REAR BUMPER .Also has the alarm on the driver side front fender

  3. 1974 is the first year for the horrible rubber tail with no spoiler. Before that all C2’s and first five years of the C3 had left and right rear bumpers.


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