[VIDEO] The Top 5 Reasons Why Corvette Owners Love Their Cars


[VIDEO] The Top 5 Reasons Why Corvette Owners Love Their Cars

This afternoon I received an email from a YouTuber named Brad Hansen letting me know about a new video that was now up on his channel, Practical Car Guy. It’s called “Why Corvette Owners Love Their Cars (Top 5 Reasons).”

I’ve never been to his channel before today, but I watched the video and found it to be quite entertaining as it comes from the perspective of someone fairly new to Corvette ownership. Brad has a very good delivery with the content and there is a level of excitement that comes from those who have just recently discovered the car, as well as the history and owner camaraderie that few other vehicles have. With all the new people coming to Corvette for the C8 (and previous models), this is a pretty good primer on why we love our cars so much.

The video covers all eight generations of Corvettes and there are some great vintage photos and videos included as well, so give it a watch and let us know what you think about it in the comments below!

From Practical Car Guy on YouTube:

Why do Corvette owners love their cars, even though so many hate Corvettes? Here are the top 5 surprising reasons I’ve found after owning mine and chatting with hundreds of other owners with Corvette addictions! This video covers ALL owner age groups and Chevrolet Corvette generations (from the 1953 original to the new C8).

Practical Car Guy

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  1. Great video you did a wonderful job on it I sent it to dozens of people I know that own Corvettes. I have been driving Corvettes since 1966 and I just ordered my seven Corvette last October and hope to get my C8 convertible within the next couple of months. I also will be keeping my C7 convertible. Thank you again for the tremendous work you put into making a video for us Corvette lovers. Phil

  2. He said V8 only available since 1956 there were at least 6 6 cylinder vettesmade in 1955. Hit nail on head with recognition when I bought my first Vette in 75 saying used to be chicks know 2 cars Vette’s and Volkswagens and I said I am not driving a bug

  3. I have a C6 Callaway, and it is great. Has all the power you need, yet it is tame and gets over 25mpg on highway. She goes! Im 6’4” and my C6 is very comfortable and has plenty of legroom. Near supercar performance for a fraction of the price.

  4. It fits me well… we deserve each other (we take care of each other, in other words). The color (cascade green) is easy to look at…it’s mild mannered ( disspite the duel quads and 225 hp) and a quiet pleasure to drive…. they’re a very personal car. Love it!!! (1956 serial no. 6)

  5. Even who doesn’t have a Corvette loves it… like me! lol. Greetings from Costa Rica.

  6. I love to drive my C8. Comfortable. Nice feeling road car. Of course at age 74 I can’t get in or out of it without a magnificent struggle, but when I’m behind the wheel that is all gone. I’ve had numerous electronics issues: burned out brand new batter; replacement of the radio control module; initially the Chevy app on my cell phone would correctly record the mileage, but it isn’t doing that any more. Excluding the electronics and the fact that I love and hate the location for charging my cell phone (cant reach it while driving and even when I’m stopped, I have difficulty getting it out of the charge pocket; on the other hand, the phone is securely held and it keeps me from dropping it under the seat. I mean I must say the comments are still coming almost four months after I’ve had it. Can’t seem to reach the inside of the front window to clean it (not sure if a special tool might not be the answer. same with the interior window on both sides. Very difficult to clean. The solution is for me to drop in age by 36 years or so. Selecting the power to just cruise in traffic is great. The Blind spot warning is hit or miss and that has had me three times nearly get hit by someone as I see no one and then someone swerves around me or stops or honks the horn. Most of the time the other car is speeding, but since I’m pulling into the road from a stop, even if they are speeding a lot, it would be my fault. The stereo system, when it is working is really good. That is the acoustics and sound are tremendous. The racing seats that came with the car that someone else optioned are just to small, although I’m adjusting to them. The brake feel under a couple of conditions are not linear. I know that brake by wire saves tubing and wire, etc. However, I believe there needs to be more and better sensors to duplicate the old power brake analog brake feel. The steering, however, by wire, is just fine and there does not appear to me to be any issues. My wife absolutely hates the car and calls it a piece of $hit. This despite the fact that every person she met while driving in and around in the car with me, does nothing but heap praise on the car: perfect strangers; friends; relatives; neighbors; gas station attendants; the clerks at the In and Out Burger; employees of the Staples store working the Coivid “watch.” People crawling all over the car taking pictures as I attempt to gas her up at my local COSTCO and I have to pull out to let the next person have a spot to get gasoline. At Shell stations, makes for 20 t 30 minutes just to gas up. Recovery from bumps and elimination of bump steer is best I’ve ever experienced. And, this car makes me feel as if I want to drive on a road trip across our great country, about every five or ten days. I also like when I floor it, that within a few seconds I’m at 80 mph and am getting faster, faster, if you get my drift. Hugs corners as fast as i want to go. Does not lose its aplomb. More creativity in developing some more storage niche’s of diverse sizes. For example a small drivers tunnel storage net; and on the passenger side a storage net should be there on the tunnel for papers and magazines, envelopes or even stretched for a water bottle if the cup holder is used for other items. And the positives go on and on. I love the tires by the way. I’m hoping most of the kinks and problems get worked out along the way. The Electrics should be much less of a problem in a car that costs 80-something thousand dollars. Still, over all, best car I’ve ever enjoyed driving and includes any Mercedes, BMW or Ferrari that I’ve driven. AF

  7. YouTuber named Brad Hansen did a great job in his description on why vette owners love their Vettes! Me, I have a different reason, I agree with everything Brad said. however I’ve driven Chevy’s since the early 70’s, I still have my high school car a ’66 Chevelle Malibu Convertible and love it. I’ve owned a 1975 Corvette, loved the style and power of it. But when I retired, I thought I’d like to drive the top of the line GM car because I have always been a GM guy. I bought a 2019 Grand Sport Convertible, reason for the 2019 over the 2020 is 3 fold. Last of the standards (to date), Last of the front engines and the last of the soft tops, that let all the wind swirl around you when you drive. If you asked me what I would give it out of 10, it would be a 9 1/2 the only reason not a 10 is the tires should be all season. Some would disagree but I heard they put all year tires on the 2020. Cheers to GM.

  8. I’m 77 years young. Have had 19 Corvettes in my life. Afraid I am at my last one. A pristine C5. Silver with Torch Red interior. I am 25 again when I’m behind the wheel. Stay safe everyone

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