Bloomington Gold Adds Corvette Resto Mod Judging Class


Bloomington Gold Adds Corvette Restomod Judging Class

Photo Credits: Keith Cornett

Bloomington Gold late last week announced an exciting addition to their judging portfolio. Beginning this year at their Indianapolis event, they’ll be judging Restomod Corvettes in addition to factory correct restorations and unrestored originals. It’s no secret that Restomods are one of the fastest-growing corners of the Corvette hobby so it just makes sense that Bloomington Gold would embrace this trend.

“Restoration is like the skyline of a big city. There are numerous buildings in height, shape and width and we recognize that everyone’s preference for the type of Corvette they like best is just as diverse,” says Guy Larsen, President and Judging Director at Bloomington Gold. “So, after much consideration, discussion and testing,” continues Larsen, “Bloomington Gold decided to offer Resto Mod as a division of Judging at Bloomington Gold. In fact, we are excited to say that we will start judging them this September in Indy.”

Bloomington Gold Adds Corvette Restomod Judging Class

Bloomington’s new RESTO MOD category will recognize the seamless integration of today’s technology into classic Corvettes. That combination results in individualized styling, improved handling and performance, as well as upgraded comfort. Overall the Corvette is brought up to modern standards while still retaining that classic Corvette design.

Bloomington’s owner, Guy Larsen, emailed us to let us know that they’re now accepting applications for the new Resto Mod class. In order to be considered for judging, owners should submit digital photos of their build along with the VIN to Bloomington Gold.

Bloomington Gold Adds Corvette Restomod Judging Class

For more information on the new Resto Mod class or to submit your Restomod for judging at Bloomington Gold, reach out to Guy Larsen at [email protected] or call 708.906.6000.

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