[VIDEO] Borla Talks C8 Corvette Exhaust Development


[VIDEO] Borla Talks C8 Corvette Exhaust Development

Now that C8’s have been out in the wild for a few months we’re starting to see the aftermarket work their magic the latest version of America’s sportscar. We love hearing what goes into the development of a new Corvette widget and this video from Borla is a great watch.

In the video below David Borla tells us what went into developing their C8 cat-back exhaust system. The biggest issues are heat and a lack of space. He begins by talking about how the new mid-engine design poses a whole new set of challenges. The first issue is heat. Traditional front-engine exhaust systems are very long which allows plenty of opportunities for heat to dissipate. On the C8, the exhaust basically dumps straight from the cats into the muffler. He goes on to show all the factory-installed heat shielding on the stock C8 that’s intended to ward off those high temps. As part of their research, they first instrumented the car so they could understand just how hot it gets under there. Using this data, they were able to fine-tune their product development testing. From there he touches on how both the dual mode and 8-to-4-cylinder exhaust valves work.

Next up he talks about space constraints. With the stock exhaust on a stand, he shows just how compact the stock system is. We get an up-close look at even more heat shielding on the exhaust system itself as well as how the valve systems are mounted. Next, we get a look at the interesting flex joints on the stock system. Borla mentions that since they are so unique, they’re essentially copying GM’s design into their system.

The video wraps up with a quick mention of how all their C8 components are scratch built. He talks about their own tips, mufflers, flex joints, and – of course – that noted Borla sound. There will be multiple options for everyone.

This 8-minute video a fantastic behind the scenes look at what goes into developing a first-class aftermarket exhaust system. We know that exhaust is one the most popular mods owners make to their rides and now we get a firsthand look at what went into creating Borla’s C8 system.

Borla / YouTube

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