Fire Sale: Hertz Offers Fleet of C7 Z06’s For Sale Ahead of Potential Bankruptcy Filing


Fire Sale: Hertz Offers fleet of C7 Z06’s For Sale Ahead of Potential Bankruptcy Filing

Photo Credits: Hertz Car Sales

If you’ve been on the fence about picking up a used C7 Z06, this may be your opportunity to grab one on the cheap. The Hertz car rental company just heaped a bunch of 2019 Z06’s on the market as they reorganize in an attempt to stave off bankruptcy.

The Coronavirus pandemic is wreaking financial havoc on all corners of the global economy. Businesses that were struggling ahead of the outbreak have been hit hardest. Take the Hertz rental car company, for example. With all incoming cash flow essentially gone, they’ve switched over to preservation mode. To do that they’re parting ways with a batch of Corvette Z06’s.

100 Hertz edition Z06’s were built in 2019. A quick search of Autotrader reveals 22 of them currently listed for sale. All are finished in Corvette Racing Yellow with black racing stripes. They all have the 3LZ trim, 8-speed automatic transmission, black interior, and some of them wear the Carbon Flash ground effects. Don’t forget that 650hp LT4 under the hood. Mileage varies on each car. We see 13,458 miles on the low end and the highest mileage car has 34,269 on the odometer.

2019 Corvette Z06 with Ground Effects Package

Prices begin at $57,394 and top out at $63,999 for the 13,458 mile car. Specific vehicle conditions aren’t listed, but expect them to vary. We all know what happens to rentals and we can assume that these were all treated that way. With all that said, approximately $60k for a 1-of-100 special edition Corvette Z06 doesn’t seem like all that bad of a deal even in the middle of a pandemic.

Autotrader via Jalopnik

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  1. The Hertz offer was something to think about…until…..I found out they were all automatics 🙁
    When you go searching for a C6 don’t have to wade through automatics to find a one with a manual 6-speed.

  2. Ah…used, high performance rental cars for sale. I’ve got two words for any brave potential buyer: EXTENDED WARRANTY!

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