Cloyes Gears Help Make the 2020 Corvette Get Up and Go


Cloyes Gears Help Make the 2020 Corvette Get Up and Go

Photo Credits: Cloyes Gears

While the new 2020 Corvette does feature parts made in Paris, don’t fly over to France to pick them up.

The Paris in this case is actually in the good ol’ United States, in Arkansas.

The critical contribution being made by the 155,000-square-foot Cloyes manufacturing plant in that small town is the LT2 crankshaft sprocket, a small part but crucial to helping the 2020 Corvette produce 495 horsepower and 470 lb-ft of torque.

Cloyes uses SAE 1144 billet steel to make the sprockets with 22-tooth cuts to the ISO-606 Roller Sprocket specification. Furthermore, the sprocket teeth are induction-hardened for durability, and the sprocket has a custom six-tooth involute spine on the front hub to drive the oil pump impeller.

Cloyes Gears Help Make the 2020 Corvette Get Up and Go

We’re not about to tell you that we understand all that technical talk, but we figure if Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter thinks this company delivers a great product, then that’s good enough for us. All we know is that the new Stingray is the most powerful base model Corvette ever produced, so Cloyes and the other companies contributing to the new Stingray must be doing something right.

That’s a notion seconded by Steve Fairbanks, vice president of manufacturing for Cloyes.

“The receipt of this business reconfirms the level of quality, reliability, and capability that Cloyes offers its global automotive OE and aftermarket customers,” Fairbanks said in a news release Thursday. “All Cloyes products are extensively tested and verified to ensure that they meet OE specifications. With a deep-seated commitment to customer success, Cloyes drives innovation and manufactures products that enhance engine performance and provide peace of mind to manufacturers, drivers, and professional technicians.”

Cloyes Gears Help Make the 2020 Corvette Get Up and Go

By the way, Cloyes is proud to have a long history of serving the automotive industry with leading timing drive systems and products for almost 100 years. At the Paris facility, skilled employees are busy manufacturing machined powertrain gears, sprockets, and idler assemblies for automotive original equipment manufacturers, the automotive aftermarket, marine, and high-performance applications.

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  1. This is great that an Arkansas Company can deliver an integral part of the C8 drive train. Hope they at Bowling Green have all the vendor parts need to support the modest production schedule of 50 cars per week. Stay well and looking forward to the Bowling Green Plant opening the week of May 25th!

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