Bowling Green Assembly Plant To Restart Corvette Production the Week of May 25th


Bowling Green Assembly Plant To Restart Corvette Production the Week of May 25th

Photo Credit: Larry Smith / Facebook

We’ve all want to get the Corvette assembly line moving again but as it has been stated, you don’t just flip the switch and start where you left off. The good news is that everything looks to be firming up for the Corvette factory to restart shortly and we now have the date.

General Motors will be restarting production the week of May 18th around North America according to a “Restart Cadence” chart that was posted to a C8 Facebook Group last night. It looks like the automaker is making good on the decision to prioritize its most profitable vehicles first and that means Trucks and Crossovers.

But the wait isn’t much longer as the graphic shows Bowling Green is tentatively set to restart the week of May 25th. We reached out to one of our contacts and this info appears to be correct.

Bowling Green To Restart Corvette Production Week of May 25th

Photo Credit: Klaus Schafer

The Bowling Green Assembly Plant was closed at the end of the day on March 20th and it’s pretty safe to assume that the plant will be about two months behind their previous targets. We also know that Convertible production was slated to start on April 6th. We don’t have confirmation on when the convertibles will restart, but our GUESS based on the May 25th restart is that 2020 Convertibles will start down the assembly line sometime in mid to late June.

We have also heard that previous TPWs (Target Production Week) issued to buyers prior to the shutdown are being discarded and new ones will be issued, but because all this is fluid, we ask that you don’t flood your dealers and the Corvette Concierge with calls about it. Your dealer should notify you once any new TPWs are issued.

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  1. Thank God and all who support the C8. The assembly plant line will open this month. I’m sure the stringent regulations imposed will keep the workes safe in this new working environment and finally some of those nearly built Corvettes will soon be going to new owners. That white one that we’ve been looking at is a beauty!! AF

  2. Jack Trude, it could be open the week of the 18th but production start the week of the 25th which seems logical with some new PPE equipment to be installed and re-training required.

  3. My TPW was March 16th. Does anyone know if they completed any of the C8’s with that production week or are they sill siting on the line partially assembled?

  4. Most of all I like the C6 with a long hood, with Maskar notes in design. C7 in this regard is also not bad, especially considering the (relatively) affordable price. But here is something mid-engined, in the style of the R8 and more expensive does not enter me.

  5. Long Before the UAW strike and COVID19-this was the worst rollout in auto history. Very poor planning by GM management to release the most anticipated car in 60 years in a UAW contract expiration year – not see the longest UAW strike in 50 years, and then to not start production in July-September of 2019 like usual, but wait to re-tool and not start production until February. Then comes COVID 19 and the UAW once again off for months-even though the workers are not in any high risk category and ou have a rein for complete failure. I am sure they are going to have many cancellations due to all the problems and delays, and many of the glitches being reported by the few owners of the C8. All this will probably result in GM not being able to fill all there 2020 pre-orders-like mine – before 2021’s need to start being produced on schedule. GM better concentrate on quality control for the C8 like a laser beam and fix all the bugs, or this is going to be another catastrophe to add to their long list. They just may go the way of Rambler, Packard and all the rest.

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