[PIC] 2020 Corvette’s Oil Leak Diagnosed


[PIC] 2020 Corvette's Oil Leak Diagnosed

In the process of manufacturing a complex machine like the 2020 Corvette, Chevrolet knows there are going to be some various issues that come up and the good news is that most can usually be solved very quickly. Some of the minor issues we’ve heard about so far are things like exterior trim pieces screwed incorrectly or a bolt that is too long (and chips the paint when fully opening the doors). Then there are the “scary issues” that can occur like when you see an oil spot under your new Corvette.

Earlier this week, a 2020 Corvette owner noticed an oil spot under his new Arctic White 2020 Corvette Stingray and recently took to the Corvette Forum where he shared a photo of it. The best advice he got was to take it to his Chevrolet dealer for a closer look. Last night, the owner who goes by the handle “bvontress” offers up this diagnosis from the service department:

The other day I posted that I had an oil leak and I said I’d update the cause. I took it in today and they said it was a hydraulic transmission mount that had a leaky seal. They said there had been a few reported and that GM would overnight the part and have me running the next day. The service writer thought they would likely issue a TSB on it soon. Pretty simple repair.

It’s important for new Corvette owners to report any kind of anomalies with their new sportscars with their dealers, and any kind of oil or fluid leaks should be shown to a Chevrolet dealer as soon as possible as the report is logged and sent back to the factory. From there, the Corvette Team can use the data to determine if this was a one-off issue with this particular Stingray, or it a systemic issue affecting multiple 2020 Corvettes.

One of the silver linings that come with the current production pause due to the coronavirus is that with approximately 2700 new 2020 Corvettes built and most of those now in customers hands, the Corvette Team will be able to evaluate the real-world service reports from dealers and then decide the best course of action for solving those issues when production restarts.

So yeah, it really sucks when you see these things happening with your new car, but we remain optimistic that any technical issues on the new C8s are few and far between. As the owner of this Corvette reported, his oil leak ended up being a “pretty simple repair”. So if you see something, say something and help the Corvette Team nip any kind of current production issues in the bud.

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  1. A car with with any kind of leak isn’t an enjoyable experience! At least this problem with the 2020 Corvette isn’t serious.

  2. i ordered a C8 back in sept last year , i was wondering if i was a 3000 status three weeks ago will i see it this year

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