No Constraints for December’s C8 Corvette Orders


No Constraints for December's C8 Corvette Orders

More good news for those of you holding a pre-order on the 2020 Corvette Stingray. Our friends at Kerbeck Corvette tell us that there are no constraints this week on ordering the 2020 Corvette, other than you cannot yet order the Convertible model.

Chevrolet has two order periods happening in December for C8 Corvette orders, one last week and one this week. Both have been constraint-free and thankfully, all colors and trim groups are available.

Chevrolet originally had a plan to roll-out certain colors and options in a four-month ramp up, but dare I say one of the good things to come out of the nearly 6-week-long UAW strike is that plan is no longer in effect once retail production starts up in early February.

As we speak, the Corvette Assembly Plant has started building an estimated 350 pilot line C8 Corvettes. The plant will be closed the weeks of December 23rd and December 30th for the annual two-week Christmas holiday.

We can imagine there will be some very happy Corvette enthusiasts this Christmas as they get the news of their order reaching 2000 status which means their order has been accepted by Chevrolet.

And for those you still waiting, be patient! The order process is underway and working, and your dream car will be coming soon!

Kerbeck Corvette

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  1. Yessss I am getting itchy to possess this New and Improved 2020 C8 Mid Engine Corvette. Started at #262 on waiting list, that is before this weeks order moving me up the list. The Dealership I do business with has been allocated 1000++ C-8 Corvette’s and I now feel a bit more at ease. Comon Spring, just in time to ride around and ENJOY this Sinister Beauty. Have to admit before seeing any movement I was getting a little antsy but feel so much better now! Thank You Bowling Green, I am STILL waiting patiently……. 😁🏎

  2. Just firmed up my order at dealer today Dec. 19/19 and 1LT and color constraints are all still in place. Only colors available were black, white, grey, ceramic white?

  3. I ordered mine sept.18th. I’m not sure where it puts me in the order process, but the wait will be worth it. I have owned Corvette’s in the past but this is the one l’m really looking forward to owning.

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