[ACCIDENT] Phoenix Man Says Driving Through Spilled Cooking Grease Ruined His 2017 Corvette


[ACCIDENT] Phoenix Man Says Driving Through Spilled Cooking Grease Ruined His 2017 Corvette

A Phoenix man says his 2017 Arctic White Corvette coupe stinks.


Troy Tangeman was driving home after a late night of working on Friday when he noticed what he thought was dirt on the road at Seventh and Southern avenues in Phoenix.

Only it wasn’t dirt.

It turned out to be used cooking grease that covered about a quarter of a mile of the road some 3 inches deep.

“I noticed something peculiar on the road,” he said, “but I didn’t notice it until I got close up on it.”

He compared it to ice, saying “When I hit it, I just went flying.”

He says he had to turn the car “really abruptly” to keep from hitting other vehicles passing through the intersection.

His car started smoking after the grease coated the underside of the Corvette, leaving a smelly and sticky situation behind.

Tangeman tried washing his Stingray twice but says he hasn’t been able to get all the baked-on grease remnants off. Now he says he’s going to have to spend about $1,000 to detail the car and replace the front spoiler damaged by the impact with the grease, but he’s afraid the greasy smell has baked into the rubber and plastic under the car and it may never quit stinking.

The Phoenix Police Department says cleaning up the mess on the road took a crew more than 24 hours, and they are seeking the source of the spill. They believe a transport truck hauling the grease is responsible.

Tangeman is hoping that the responsible party will come forward and do the right thing and reimburse him for the cost of repairing his car. We just hope the stink goes away soon for this fellow enthusiast who told an azfamily.com reporter that “I waited my whole life to get” his Corvette.


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  1. Sounds like a pretty slippery situation. About 18 years ago when I was on my way home after work, I came upon a traffic jam on a 4 Lane highway. There was a truck with its staked trailer overturned at an intersection with the highway covered with a light brown thick material. All of the traffic in my Northbound lanes had to travel through this material and it stunk. Apparently the trailer had waste from a pig processing plant. Fortunately I was not driving one of my Corvettes, I was driving my company car. After viewing what had happened to the underside of my car, I went to the self serve car wash and spent 2 hours with the high pressure wand on hot wash. This was during a hot summer and it took a few rainy days and about 150 miles of travel before I got rid of that very rotten smell off of the car. I hope Troy comes out of his disaster smelling better than my Pontiac did.

  2. Sounds like he should probably just turned it over to his insurance company and let them most likely total the car.

  3. That Trucking company should buy him a new one or let him pick out the best approximation possible or a better version of his beloved, once perfect ride. A lifetime of delayed gratification myself I can’t imagine how he must feel – he went from pole position to pole-cat position – and it ain’t right. They need to step up and do the right thing so you can remove that clothespin from your nose.

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