2020 Corvette is Sold Out According to GM’s North American President


2020 Corvette is Sold Out According to GM's North American President

We’ve heard for months now that the C8 Corvette is going to be hard to find for 2020.

Now, GM North America President Barry Engle has confirmed to MotorTrend that all 40,000 of the C8s that Chevrolet plans to build for 2020 are already accounted for. That probably means that dealer allocations have been filled for the slots for both the coupe and convertible versions.

But don’t give up hope, prospective buyers, because a lot can happen between now and the end of the model year.

In fact, the dealers we talk to always hate these kinds of “sold out” announcements as they feel it stops people from inquiring about availability. As the orders start up again, there will be those who will give up their allocation, and once cars are built some might have to back out of their deal as well. So don’t stop looking for an opportunity from dealers as there will be Corvettes available.

We wonder if this announcement by Engel is just a ploy to generate more interest in the Corvette, as if the new mid-engine sensation needs more publicity! In fact, the new Stingray has already won several industry awards, including 2020 MotorTrend Car of the Year and Car and Driver 10 Best.

Engle is actually the second GM executive to push the “sold out” talk, as Vice President of Global Design Michael Simco said the car was “bound to be sold out soon” during a public appearance way back in August – just days after the car was unveiled.

Engle, meanwhile, made his announcement at the recent launch of the new big Chevy SUVs, the 2021 Tahoe and Suburban.

Production of the new Corvette was supposed to begin this month in Bowling Green, but the prolonged UAW strike pushed the start of the assembly line back to early February, with delivery predicted to be in late February or early March.


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  1. [grabs some popcorn]

    I’ve already planned for a 2021 model; most dealerships I have spoken to have actually recommended this, as there will inevitably be discounts and other incentives that can be applied. Plus, the factory assembly teams will have learned the car well, and we will see some improvements for the better!

  2. I placed my order (& deposit) the 1st week in September, I am hoping that I will make the cut. Actually I’m really hoping (maybe dreaming) to receive my 2020 C8 Mid Engine Corvette this coming spring. Am I really dreaming, or can this be possible?

  3. I figured that if the two shifts work 3 Saturdays overtime each month they could build 51K, with the loss of a month from the strike the could still produce significantly more than 40K Corvettes. Now if it’s true the profitability on each unit is a loss until MSRP is > $79K then they probably don’t want pay overtime to make more units.

  4. I agree with what both Chuck and Michael said. I look for the car to have a big price jump in 2020. Good luck buyers.

  5. If you ordered a 2020 vette and are one of the first 40,000, there should be no problem getting your car. It may take awhile. Be sure to hold on to the confirmation letter/email as it should have your confirmation order number.

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