[ACCIDENT] Wrong Way Corvette Driver Crashes into Two Police Vehicles on Phoenix Highway


[ACCIDENT] Wrong Way Corvette Driver Crashes into Two Police Vehicles on Phoenix Highway

Photo Credits: 3TV/CBS 5

By the time he gets to Phoenix, his Corvette will be all smashed up.

Those aren’t the real words to the famous Glen Campbell song, but they would definitely apply after a wrong-way crash involving a red Corvette in Phoenix, Arizona early this morning left three people injured, including two Tempe police officers.

Authorities say the crash happened around 1:45 a.m. Monday as the Corvette headed south in the northbound lanes of State Route 51 near Indian School Road.

Headed northbound in separated marked vehicles were two Tempe policemen going to Phoenix as a follow-up to a missing person’s investigation.

The Corvette – we think it was a C7 coupe based on what appears to be a rear fender vent in a photo from the scene but your guess is as good as mine – was almost totally demolished when it collided with a vehicle being driven by a Tempe police sergeant, causing a domino effect into another Tempe police officer’s vehicle. The front of the Corvette virtually disintegrated upon impact, with the engine block dislodged and winding up in the middle of the road!

[ACCIDENT] Wrong Way Corvette Driver Crashes into Two Police Vehicles on Highway

“Neither the Tempe Police Sergeant nor the Tempe Police Officer was traveling with their emergency lights and sirens activated and were not pursuing, following or participating in any emergency driving,” according to Tempe police.

An Arizona Department of Public Safety official says the two lawmen were carried to a local hospital, with the sergeant suffering non-life-threatening injuries and the officer minor injuries.

The driver of the Corvette, believed to be impaired according to DPS, suffered serious injuries and was also transported to a hospital.

A long line of red brake lights can be seen in a nighttime video from the scene, but by 6:30 a.m., traffic was once again moving normally in the northbound lanes of the highway. The southbound lanes also were closed briefly but have reopened now, too.


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  1. They need to install strips that will blow the tires out if you enter the freeway from the wrong way. Way too many people get killed or injured from drivers going the wrong way!

  2. One can only hope that the drunk Corvette driver Dies an extremely slow agonizing and torturous death!!! If anyone out there who thinks this POS learned his lesson, then I have some beach front property in Iraq I want to sell you!

  3. J considering they said “impairment may have been a factor”. We wont know until the ongoing investigation is completed. Theres no definitive evidence suggesting he was impaired. Although 60 some % of wrong way drivers involved in accidents in Arizona are impaired that doesnt prove this individual was. Fact is you dont know and neither do the investigators. He may have been tired, hes from out of state and so he may have not known the area very well. Despite wrong way signs, which can be extremely confusing when there are too many, intersections can be confusing when you’re driving in a new area especially when on and off ramps are right next to eachother. Couple that with GPS that isnt 100% accurate and being tired. That may be the case as well. Jumping to conclusions and doesnt help anything. Let investigators investigate. Until theres a trial we wont know why what happened, happened

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