Question of the Week: What Are the Two Features You Like Most About on the C8 Corvette?


Question of the Week: What Are the Two Features You Like Most About on the C8 Corvette?

We’ve now had three full months to digest all we have learned about the 2020 Corvette Stingray Coupe and Chevy added even more information overload with the reveal of the new hardtop convertible model. The new C8 is loaded with new features and options, both as a consequence of moving the engine to behind the driver, as well as receiving the latest technology available like GM’s new Global B electrical architecture.

We turned over the “Question of the Week” topic to our own Mitch Tally who came up with good one in our opinion.

What are the two new features that you like most about the C8 Corvette?

Mitch Talley
The new rearview mirror camera system intrigues me, as does the front end lift and its amazing 1,000 location memory. I’m also interested in the new shifting system of thingamajig buttons that replaced the old-timey gear shift and am kind of amazed that old-time Corvette enthusiasts have not pitched a fit about it. To me, that’s one of the most drastic changes about the new car, even more so than the elimination of the manual transmission, and surprisingly I have not seen much comment about the missing gear shift one way or the other. I’m very open to new technology but I think I will really miss resting my hand on the gear shift while I’m driving down the road. Maybe the paddle shifters will pick up the slack in that category, though I hardly used them in my C7.

Steve Burns
I don’t know that I’ve got 2 specific features that stand out to me. Purely from a technology standpoint, a do love the front axle lift system. This is one of those technologies that you didn’t know you needed until it was offered. As a C6 owner, I can attest to just how much the air dam scrapes on these cars. It’s so common, in fact, that my owner’s manuals actually calls the air dam scraping part of normal operation. The fact that GM has added this feature to the 2020 Corvette and that it can even store locations where a boost is needed demonstrates just how serious GM is about making the C8 a truly high-end supercar.

Overall, what stands out to me most is just all the possible combinations of features you can get on the C8. The 12 exterior colors, the myriad of interior trim colors, stitch colors, materials, seat belt colors, 4 caliper colors, 5 wheel choices, full length stripes and/or fender hash stripes, tall spoiler or short spoiler point to the fact that each C8 built could potentially be a 1-of-1 in a given configuration. Complexity like that tends to be expensive as well as a nightmare for plants, suppliers, and product planners to properly coordinate to correct part in the correct spot at the correct time during the assembly process. There are so many options that I get stressed out just trying to create my perfect car on the online configurator.

C8 Corvette's LT2 V8

Alex Sommers
There is a lot to love about the C8 but a few features really highlight how serious GM took the development of this, extremely important generation. Narrowing it down to just two is tough when there are so many firsts. The convertible’s folding hardtop and the dual-clutch transmission come to mind and so does the luxurious new interior but for my absolute favorite thing, I am going to keep it simple and say the LT2. I love that Corvette team kept the base Corvette naturally aspirated and that they included at least one classic small block in a C8 before the switch to DOHC. Motor Trend’s insanely high dyno numbers have me even more intrigued by the new 6.2L V8! The second bit of C8 tech that really impressed me was the front-end suspension lift. I have always thought that similar systems from European manufacturers were a very nice option to save the front of your car from scraping but the C8’s ability to remember where you used the system and automatically do it each time you return to that spot is insanely clever!

Keith Cornett
As much as I would like to say the “lightning quick” DCT or the ability to go 0-60 mph time in 2.8 seconds (as tested by the auto mags), we haven’t driven the new C8 Corvette yet so my I’m going to stick with design and tech features for now. I’ve already stated my love for the hardtop convertible and I am going to stick with that! The hardtop makes the car more secure, offers a quieter cabin, yet with the flick of a button, the whole top folds down behind you for that open-air driving experience. With the top down, the convertible C8 achieves an exotic look with the nacelles on the rear deck. As a second feature, I really like the “Z-Mode” which will allow Corvette drivers the ability to set up a custom Drive Mode that’s then accessible with a click of the Z-Mode button of the steering wheel. It seems to me that because it’s on the steering wheel, you might use this more than say having to drop your hand to the click-wheel Drive Mode selector on the center console. As a bonus answer, I also thought it was a neat trick in how Chevrolet’s designers incorporated the door latch under the side scoops and the frunck’s latch which is integrated into the front grill.

Okay, so now that you’ve heard from the CorvetteBloggers on what are our two favorite features on the new C8 Corvette, what’s your favorite new feature on the C8 Corvette? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Well, the only two things I wish were available when I purchased my JSB 2008 Z06, is blue interior and front camera. As for the rest, it’s nice, but I love my Z06 and plan to keep it till I can no longer drive a car.

  2. Re:Steve Burns comment. As a C6 owner too, the front lift feature is interesting. I actually developed hairline cracks in my radiator frame support quite possibly from the air dam scraping. The cracks were discovered when I was having the worn and torn air dam replaced.

  3. To hard to list just 2 as there are so many, but would have to go with the fact it is a mid-engine and the engine design.
    The one item that was overlooked and should be standard is a front camera!!!!

  4. I agree with Keith – the hardtop convertible for all the reasons he stated. But he left
    Off one very key detail that makes the convertible a game changer – you lose absolutely no storage space when the top is stowed! Having owned both coupes and convertibles, this is my favorite feature.

  5. Are they giving taller people the cockpit room needed as in the c-5? Mine now has 175k on it, I can’t fit in the c-6 or 7,I’m just under 6’4”… love the c-8 and would like to own one if I will fit,and can’t find any info on interior dimensions.

  6. Not indigenous to the C8. Firstly because it’s still an American icon. And secondly, the sheer horsepower (and what promises to be more, much more).

  7. I’ve owned a 2013 427 Convertible & I now have a 2019 ZR1 Convertible.2 features I really like about the C8 are the hardtop Convertible & the lift system.What I hate is the lack of a manual.Im pleased with the interior of my ZR1,but the new one looks appears to be even better.

  8. Everyone has done a pretty thorough job of covering the innovations that are SO very impressive, but as a vette owner who has driven vettes to work everyday for the last 45 years (all manual Trans), I have to say the fact that they demonstrated an understanding of the importance of Utility when bullet pointing the essential Value that Corvette brings to the table. I cannot tell you how many times I have been putting some thing in the back of my vette at [the grocery store, Walmart, Costco, Home Depot (NOT LUMBER), rag while filling up at a gas station} and someone stops and says, “Wow, I had no idea you could get so much in a Corvette.” I’m quite sure there was a LOT of debate/arguing about including the two trunks to get closer to the C7 Cu Ft storage, so I will go on record as saying it is one of THE most important design features included on the C8 for long time daily drivers like me. It actually provides an excuse to tell the wife, “Sure there’s room and you can have the entire back trunk, but only one big bag plus a small makeup bag.”
    Yes my left leg will be feeling a bit neglected, but who knows, maybe it will prevent problems with my knee and hip as I get older. Seriously, I expect to click off paddle shifts so quick that my ego and my right arm won’t complain. But to be honest I too will miss resting my right palm on my Alcantara gear shifter.

  9. I can’t believe that a manual transmission is not available in the C 8. I am hoping that the second or third generation C 8’s make it right.

  10. Need help, owned all convertible 5,6, and did a buyers tour of my 7. It’s a 20014 in Midnight Race Blue with blue top and LT3 Kalahari interior. Ordered my C8 convertible in Bronze with the Natural dip interior.
    I didn’t like the pictures of the Natural will all black doors as well as an all black dash top. Can you get a better mixture? I do not know what color switching I am getting.

  11. Being that I’ve not driven the new Corvette, I can only comment on what I’ve read and seen while sitting in it. Being both my wife and I are tall, the extra leg room would be one thing I like and the other is the rear view camera mirror. Anything that can increase the visibility and therefor safety is important to me!

    I am “IMPATIENTLY” waiting now for delivery of my new ride that was ordered 9/12/2019, just 4 days before the strike. My TPW has new stretched into January.

  12. I’m driving Corvette number 23 since 1967 and holding off until C8 Z06. Love the more modern fast shifting trans and the performance gain the mid engine design brings.

  13. No manny tranny… Get over it… I’m sure GM engineers considered durability and longevity – not to mention the labor, that would be required to repair/replace a worn clutch.

  14. There’s so much to choose from. But one that wasn’t mentioned is the dedicated button for the front cameras. I have the front cameras on my 19’ Z06 but even though I moved camera icon to the main screen. The main screen isn’t always displayed. Just in case the front end lift isn’t purchased the cameras can be used. The blind spot monitoring is good too. I have to be careful because of the blind spots the Vette has.

  15. I like the safety features of the blind spot warning and the abilities of the cameras. I read an article on how to adjust your side mirrors so you can use those mirrors and the rear view mirror to see in the blind spots, and I have done that on my C7. Also, the front-end lift is a have-to-have for me because I always scrape getting out of my drive way. I am waiting for the electric version of the C8.

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