[ACCIDENT] Two Injured in Rollover Crash of a C6 Corvette in Washington


[ACCIDENT] Two Injured in Rollover Crash of a C6 Corvette in Washington

The owner of this black C6 Corvette Grand Sport convertible no doubt is feeling a little black and blue this morning.

That’s because he was injured in a rollover crash in Kirkland, Washington on Friday that left another man hurt and the top of the Corvette badly damaged, too.

Video from the scene posted on KIRO7 TV shows skid marks apparently made by the Corvette as it crossed the center stripe and left the roadway, rolling over and seemingly knocking the bark off the side of a downed tree before ending right side right next to a railroad track.

The passenger had to be taken to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle after suffering internal injuries. Kirkland Police say the crash, which occurred just before noon, was probably the result of speeding.

The accident happened at Northeast 128th Street and 139th Avenue Northeast.


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  1. Looks like another case of a high performance car, and a low performance driver…hummm… I wonder if he wants to sell those wheels? I have a C6 that they would look good with them. LOL

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