[VIDEO] The C8 Corvette | Mid-Engine Transformation


[VIDEO] The C8 Corvette | Mid-Engine Transformation

We are still exploring some of the many videos that Chevrolet has made available as part of the C8 Corvette’s reveal and we will continue to bring these as mini-features to you.

Many Corvette enthusiasts continue to ask why Chevrolet felt the need for the mid-engine Corvette when the C7 Corvette stood as the pinnacle of the car’s performance. It’s been explained that Chevy engineers thought they had reached the limits of what they can do with the front-engine car.

Already we are seeing that the 0-60 mph time of “just under 3-seconds” as a validation for the change as the 2020 Corvette Stingray becomes the fastest base Corvette in the model’s 66-year history. And once the car gets out into the hands of the automotive magazines who can independently test and confirm the performance limits, I think we’ll see more of those on the fence will be won over.

Every new project has a starting line and this new video from Chevrolet emphasizes some of the hurdles and obstacles that team had to overcome to make the 2020 Corvette Stingray:

New mid-engine architecture provides improved visibility, more direct steering & more fun behind the wheel.


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  1. Porsche went through this nonsense with every model creation in an effort to remain relevant and make money instead of fading away with unsold inventory. Every new idea was a “disaster” when introduced.

  2. There was a discussion in the office earlier today regarding why the design team went the route that they did. In my opinion, going to a mid-engine planform was simply the next step in the Corvette’s performance evolution. The state of the art has allowed for this type of car to be manufactured and sold at a very reasonable price. One also has to consider that there has been earnest consternation in recent years as to the aging new Corvette-buying demographic, and how GM knew darn well that change was absolutely necessary. A shake-up was needed. Risks needed to be taken.

    And a shake up was exactly what they got. For the first time I can remember ever, the Corvette has entered the mainstream conversation of the younger demographic. I’ve looked at several tuner car, sports car and hot rod forums out there the last few days (some make-specific, many not), and trending conversations are about none other than the C8!

    The C8, like it, love it or even hate it, is a slam dunk across the board. A complete game changer!

    I’m just looking forward to turning my deposit into an order ASAP!

    To the entire Corvette team, WELL DONE!!

  3. I would be ordering a C8, but since there is now NO possibility of a manual gearbox , I will looking at C7’s , for my next Corvette now I have a C6 Z51 coupe now at the present time…6-speed..of course

  4. I really like the C8 but I’m wondering how easy it will be to maintain or add minor mods. For example: How difficult will a spark plug change be? My C7 Z06 is already quite a challenge! Also how do you clean out the radiator and other items where debris and bugs enter? With the entire bottom covered looks like it may be a real task cleaning bugs out and we get plenty here in Texas. My C7Z is so easy with my long small brush it only takes a few minutes. And how easy is an oil change? Difficulty installing an aftermarket CAI kit? From the pictures, not very easy. And I’m talking about mostly the easy stuff with my C7Z. Can’t imagine how hard a cam would be from the pics.

  5. Why does no one notice that they’ve artificially lowered the ride height for those presentation models? The leaked convertible and all test car pictures show the real car rides much higher.

  6. Great points on serviceability and maintenance. Love to read more comments as more him become available ‼️👍🏻

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