[STOLEN] 1965 Corvette Crashes and Burns After Thief Takes Car on a Joyride


[STOLEN] 1965 Corvette Crashes and Burns After Thief Takes Car on a Joyride

While the world awaits the production of the first C8 Corvette Stingray for public consumption, let us pause a few moments to mourn the loss of a classic C2 Sting Ray.

This red 1965 Corvette convertible was heavily damaged on both ends after a wreck and subsequent fire on Saturday in the Canadian town of Fort Erie, just across the border from Buffalo, N.Y.

The worst thing about the accident, though, was that the classic Sting Ray had been stolen for a joyride earlier in the day.

That means, it wasn’t the owner of the Corvette behind the wheel when the accident occurred.

Instead, it was the alleged thief who wound up being thrown from the car as it flipped but amazingly he didn’t suffer any life-threatening injuries.

The same can’t be said for the Sting Ray, which erupted into flames after the accident and basically burned to a crisp from the windshield back. Even the front end body panels, while escaping the flames, were smashed to smithereens.

Traffic along Dominion Road came to a standstill while emergency crews tended to the scene. Fortunately, Fort Erie Fire Station 3 is on that road, so firefighters were able to respond quickly.


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  1. The trim, Id tag, two knockoffs, engine, and transmission will find new surroundings . The convertible C-2 never sparked my imagination. A shame for the loss regardless.

  2. Every time I see a mid year burn a tear runs down my cheek. 😢 My only hope is he was thrown from this Beautiful Corvette and into the grill of an oncoming Kenworth doing 80 mph. Case Closed.

  3. The thief that stole the 65 Vette and crashed it should be burned at the stake. SLOWLY ——

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