Corvettes for Sale: Highly Customized 1989 Corvette ‘Concept’


Corvettes for Sale: Highly Customized 1989 Corvette 'Concept'

My first two brand new Corvettes were 1986 and 1989 red on red coupes.

Even back in the day, though, those two cars with 4 miles on the odometer couldn’t begin to hold a candle to this 1989 Corvette Concept currently for sale at for $44,990.

While time has not been kind to the C4 reputation, at least in some eyes (even though this writer believes the C4s still proudly hold the Corvette banner high), this highly customized version done by Jerry Roman of Roman Chariot in Cleveland, Ohio might be enough to convince even the skeptics of their worthiness.

Corvettes for Sale: Highly Customized 1989 Corvette 'Concept'

The price seems high for a C4 to many folks, no doubt, but when you consider the craftsmanship of this car, it’s really not that bad, especially considering it’s been marked down $5,000 to its current level.

The most obvious change to this car is its scintillating paint job that includes 26 coats of Candy Apple Red paint. The cost of that work alone would be outrageous. Further examination reveals extensive changes to the bodywork, including a custom front bumper extended five inches, custom molded bumper panels and a nice custom wraparound spoiler at the rear, and the omission of door handles thanks to electronic openers that have been installed.

The side molding was always a key feature of the C4’s styling, and this car jacks it up to a new extreme – check out that very wide molding at the rear. We’re not too sure about the view from the rear, though, with the two wide horizontal strips above and below the taillights, but the front end in this writer’s view is a nice improvement over the original.

Corvettes for Sale: Highly Customized 1989 Corvette 'Concept'

We always liked the look of the original 84-89 interior, and this concept notches it up quite a bit, with a very neat two-tone look that includes red lizard insets on the black leather seats, not to mention Candy Apple Red trim from door panel to door panel, including on the high-tech original dash.

While some folks would be disappointed that the original 350 5.7-liter 245 horsepower engine remains under the hood, we remember well the feeling of power that the very capable 340 ft-lb of torque delivered back in the day. To appreciate this car’s performance, you have to remember its competition in the mid to late 1980s, with even a Ferrari 328 delivering just 260 horsepower at a much higher price.

Corvettes for Sale: Highly Customized 1989 Corvette 'Concept'

No word on when this car was created, but it’s obviously not been used as a daily driver, to say the least, what with the odometer reading less than 12,000 miles in one of the many photos accompanying the listing.

If one of our readers winds up buying this car, please give us a shout and let us know what it’s like having the “ultimate C4” on the road – if you get brave enough to risk getting a chip on that gorgeous paint job.

Corvettes for Sale: Highly Customized 1989 Corvette 'Concept'


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