Bloomington Gold to Welcome Camaros for 2019 Event


Bloomington Gold to Welcome Camaros for 2019 Event

Big news out of the Bloomington Gold camp this week! After several years of contemplation, the show will be expanding to include Chevrolet Camaros in addition to Corvettes for the 2019 show. This is the first ever that another mark has been part of the Bloomington event.

Camaro owners will have many of the same opportunities as Corvettes throughout the June 20th – 22nd event. Attendees will be able to participate in the driving laps around the speedway, take part in the road tour, and be able to peruse many Camaro-centric vendors. Survivor, Gold, and Benchmark Certification of Camaros isn’t currently offered but could be added somewhere in the future.

“Not only do a lot of our customers have Camaros in their garage, [the Camaro] is a nice stepping stone before entering the Corvette hobby. Why not share the fun that so many Corvette owners are having at Bloomington Gold with owners of another Chevrolet vehicle with the same need for speed?” says Guy Larsen, Bloomington Gold Owner and President. He went on to say “After sharing the idea with a number of our sponsors, customers, and key Camaro players at GM, we decided now is the time to move forward with the addition.”

Bloomington Gold 2019 will take place June 20th – 22nd at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. General admission tickets, lap times, garages, and suites are all on sale now and can be purchased here.

This is HUGE shift for the Granddaddy of Corvette shows. It’ll be interesting to see how this all comes together as the 2019 event approaches. What are your thoughts on Camaros at Bloomington Gold? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. This may be a harbinger of Corvette no longer being America’s sports car for America’s upper middle class, with the introduction of the C8. Rumors continue to swirl that with the mid-engine C8, GM will realign Corvette as their answer to Ford’s GT in the $150,000+ price point, and Camaro will adjust to capture Corvette’s current sub-six figure target price demographic.

  2. Bloomington Gold is a Corvette only event… You just ruined it for me… have absolutely no interest in camaro’s…. BIG MISTAKE !!!

  3. Sorry but this is for corvette owners. It would be interesting to know why the decision was made to include camaro’s. Not a fan of this and will not be attending. Have a separate event for the camaro but DO NOT include them with corvettes!!

  4. As many have said, most people do not like change. We are inviting Camaros to participate in the event. Many of the Camaro owners are younger and have the potential to become Corvette owners. How many current Corvette owners had a Camaro before they had a Corvette? Bloomington Gold Corvettes is attempting to include more participants and grow the Corvette hobby. We need to reach out to younger persons to get their interest and participation. We are not inviting other Chevrolet models or other marques – just Camaros.
    Yes there may be other ways to grow the hobby and I would be happy to hear those positive ideas. Let’s give this a chance and see if it can help grow the Corvette hobby.
    Guy Larsen
    ​​​​​​​President Bloomington Gold Corvettes

  5. Sorry Guy… you just shit in your nest…!!!
    I don’t come to Bloomington Gold to talk with Camaro guys or to interact with their suppliers….
    BIG MISTAKE….!!! Oh by the way, I won’t be participating in BG 19…!!!
    If I wanted to worship camaros… I would have bought one…!!!

  6. I’m a very enthusiastic Corvette owner. I’ve owned eight Corvettes and no Camaros. I thoroughly enjoy attending Bloomington Gold Charlotte every year. I hope you won’t include Camaros at the Charlotte show too.

  7. I welcome the addition of the Camaro, to join the Corvette. Corvette car culture is constantly changing and we must change with it or be left behind and alone. We must grow our hobby. I will be back again last next year, last year I brought a friend who loves Camaro’s and he said why don’t we have something like this for Camaro’s, well now you do.

  8. Let’s invite Suburban & Tahoe owners…
    Heck, let’s include Impalas & Malibu’s…!!!

  9. I was an active judge in the Ncrs and was a level 7 judge, the reason I got out and bought a Camaro is because of all of the responses above, you vette guys have ego’s and think you are better than others, your nothing but a bunch of pansies and do nothing but feather dust those plastic cars. I can count on one hand the normal vette drivers, and one of them is John Hinckly , oh yeah, he has a survivor z28 as well

  10. Bad idea. The beginning of the end for Bloomington Gold. I guess the fee to hold the event at IMS is getting to Guy Larsen. In my opinion, the event hasn’t been very good since it was held in Springfield, IL.

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