[ACCIDENT] Driver Flees After Crashing a 2009 Corvette into a Gas Main in Kentucky


[ACCIDENT] Driver Flees After Crashing a 2009 Corvette into a Gas Main in Kentucky

The driver of a yellow 2009 Corvette convertible is in trouble with the law after hitting a natural gas main in Graves County, Ky., last week.

Authorities say the man lost control of his Corvette in a curve at 6:24 p.m. last Monday, Dec. 10th in the 600 block of Kentucky 348 in Symsonia and caused a natural gas leak after striking an Atmos Energy Gas main with the front end of his car.

The leak forced lawmen to close the eastbound lanes of Kentucky 348 from the 400 to 800 block for more than two hours while the vehicle was removed from the gas lines. Atmos Energy remained at the scene to continue repairing the damage.

Meanwhile, Eric Davenport, the driver of the Corvette, fled the scene on foot, and the Graves County Sheriff’s Office could not find him.

After midnight, Davenport called deputies and said he was headed to Marshall County Hospital for treatment of a possible concussion caused by the collision. After being treated and released at the hospital, Davenport was arrested by deputies, taken to Graves County Jail, and charged with leaving the scene of an accident and criminal mischief first-degree.


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  2. This has absolutely nothing to do with vocabulary. It’s all about calling out an asshole when they fuck up major league big time! If you think that jerk off who wrecked their Vette is such a great person and driver, why don’t you lend him your ride until he gets his fixed or replaced?

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