[VIDEO] Mobil 1 The Grid on Corvette Racing and the Perfect Pit Stop


[VIDEO] Mobil 1 The Grid on Corvette Racing and the Perfect Pit Stop

Another great feature from our friends at Mobil 1 The Grid about our favorite team in motorsports, Corvette Racing. In this week’s feature, the team at Corvette Racing discusses performing the perfect pit stop.

Although they didn’t win a race this year, No.3 Corvette C7.R drivers Jan Magnussen and Antonio Garcia had eight podium finishes and were able to clinch the GTML Drivers and Team Championships for the second consecutive year. Their success this year was a team effort for sure with the pit crew playing their crucial role at each and every race.

Mobil 1 The Grid talks with the Corvette Racing program manager Doug Fehan, crew chiefs Dan Binks and Brian Hoye, and the C7.R drivers about the importance of conducting the perfect pit stop and how practice and training every day makes a difference during the race weekend.

“I can tell you unequivocally amongst all the teams that are in this paddock right now, there is not a single team that spends more time and puts forth more effort than our guys on this Corvette team in trying to get pit stops correct” says Corvette Racing’s program manager Doug Fehan.

From Mobil 1 The Grid:

Completing an efficient pit-stop can be the difference between winning and losing in motor racing, with teams chasing every tenth of a second in a bid to beat their rivals. In an exclusive feature for Mobil 1 The Grid, Corvette Racing’s Doug Fehan, Dan Binks, Brian Hoye, Oliver Gavin, Antonio Garcia and Jan Magnussen run through the key elements of a perfect pit-stop.

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