[VIDEO] People Not Happy With Corvette Driver’s Stunting on Neighborhood Street


[VIDEO] Neighbors Not Happy With Corvette Driver's Stunting On Neighborhood Streets

Just what the world needed – another immature Corvette driver trying to prove his manhood in front of innocent children.

Here’s hoping that someone out there will see this video and recognize the C7 Corvette Stingray that was doing burnouts Tuesday on a residential street in Memphis, Tennessee.

Fortunately, someone captured the ugly incident on video as first a cloud of smoke is created while the Corvette driver is doing a burnout, then comes racing down the street and spins out of control, narrowly missing some children and a house before speeding off as a terrified young girl runs toward the camera.

“How fast he was driving, I knew he was gonna lose control or something bad was gonna happen,” said Kayla Fleming, who stepped outside her home to investigate after hearing screeching tires. She later talked to a reporter for WREG-TV and expressed her anger about the carelessness of the driver.

“She was okay. She didn’t get hit or nothing, but she almost did,” Fleming said of the scared young girl.

Another neighbor termed the whole situation “ridiculous, sad, pitiful.”

Residents told the reporter that such incidents happen on a regular basis in their neighborhood.

“They’ll go down there, turn around and come right here and do, like, a doughnut in the middle of the street,” one woman said.

None of the residents recognized the Corvette or its driver, but nevertheless, they issued him a verbal warning through TV.

“Y’all need to calm down all these kids. Stop driving crazy, drive normal because anything could happen. You could have hit the house, you could have fallen out the car, anything. You could have hit the child, anything could have happened,” said Tecoria Pender.

Memphis police said the Mt. Moriah precinct will be investigating the incident.


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  1. A great example of a dimwit who has no idea what a Corvette really is!
    There are people who have absolutely no business driving one!

  2. Definitely a stolen Vette in the ghetto. This video shouldn’t even be on the site, it should be on a police blogger site. This is not a Vette owner, nor a neighborhood any Vette owner would go to.

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