[STOLEN] Cops Go Into Stealth Mode to Capture Women in a Stolen C6 Corvette ZR1


[STOLEN] Cops Go Into Stealth Mode to Capture Women in a Stolen C6 Corvette ZR1

Photo Credit: t-g.com

With prices falling so low on used C6 ZR1 Corvettes these days, some buyers may feel like they’re stealing the Chevrolet supercar that originally sold for more than $120,000.

A woman in Tennessee, however, apparently felt the prices are still too high and decided to make a ZR1 an even better deal – by allegedly stealing it.

But some great police work – undercover – led to the apprehension of the alleged car thief and the recovery of the yellow ZR1 Monday afternoon in Shelbyville, Tennessee.

The suspect, 35-year-old Sally Decator, had a Florida driver’s license and is accused of taking the ZR1 from a home near Joe B. Jackson Parkway in Murfreesboro, just outside of Nashville, early Monday afternoon.

Any ZR1 – and especially a yellow one at that adorned with Corvette Racing logos on the doors – isn’t the most inconspicuous vehicle to steal, so a 911 call soon had Rutherford County deputies on the trail of the hot Chevy.

Choosing to keep other motorists safe amidst a maze of country roads, the lawmen soon stopped the chase, but a Bedford County deputy was able to pick up the scent but likewise terminated the pursuit as a safety precaution.

“When our deputies attempted to stop her she began driving recklessly at 4 p.m. on a Monday,” Chief Deputy Jason Williams of the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office said. “We didn’t want to pressure her into anything stupid. We pulled marked units out of the area and trailed her with unmarked vehicles. She slowed down to normal speeds.”

That turned out to be the ticket to apprehending the suspect and the car with no one hurt.

Acting deputy chief Brian Crews and officer Michael Taylor of the Shelbyville Police Department followed Decator in unmarked cars.

“She never knew I was police so I just hung out in the area,” Crews said. “I was at the red light with her at Peacock Lane and North Main Street side by side and she never knew it was me. I was trying to keep the marked units out of the area in hopes she would park and she did.”

Once Decator had stopped at a building on US 231, Crews said he was able to block her in and take her into custody with the help of Officer Taylor.

“She was totally uncooperative and refused to provide her name,” Crews said.

Now Decator is behind bars, facing charges of aggravated burglary, theft, and evading arrest by motor vehicle.

“Pretty nice car but wrong color car to try to hide in,” Crews said.


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