[VIDEO] Take a Ride in the 1954 Corvette ZR1 Known as the Death Star


[VIDEO] Take a Ride in the 1954 Corvette ZR1 Known as the Death Star

One of my favorite custom Corvette builds that we’ve seen over the years is the 1954 Corvette ZR1 known as the Death Star. When it debuted in 2009, it was one of the first custom builds that featured the C6 ZR1’s 638-hp supercharged LS9 crate engine.

Designed and built by Jason Pecikonis and Louis Tesoro of Timeless Kustoms of Camarillo, California, the 1954 was painted in Cyber Gray Metallic and displays the mighty LS9 engine through a polycarbonate window in the hood much like the 2010 Corvette ZR1. Brembo’s carbon ceramic brakes also make the technology transfer to the restomod. However, that’s where the similarities to the C6 version ends.

The car makes 590-horsepower to the wheels, but the Death Star Corvette weighs in at just 2,100 pounds so the small roadster is really able to capitalize on the huge performance from the supercharged V8. The Death Star’s chassis is from Art Morrison and incorporates a C6 Corvette’s front suspension and a three-link rear suspension with yes, a solid axle!

This video features a quick review and then ride along with the Timeless Kustom’s Jason Pecikonis. You can really get a sense of the raw power that the Death Star Corvette is capable of. But as Jason is quick to point out, it also makes a great cruiser.

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