Chevrolet Promotes Sport Auto’s 7:14 Nurburgring Time with a Corvette Z06 Magazine Ad


Chevrolet Promotes Sport Auto's 7:14 Nurburgring Time with a Corvette Z06 Magazine Ad

It took three years after the 650 horsepower Corvette Z06 was introduced for enthusiasts to get an official Nurburgring time for the C7 super car. Last month the German magazine Sport Auto ran the car at a very respectable 7:13.9 lap around the 12.9 mile course.

We are guessing that Chevrolet was more than happy with that positive news because they are now promoting the Nurburgring lap time with a full-page magazine ad in…Sport Auto!

We got our first look at the ad this afternoon after it popped up on twitter:

Chevrolet does so little marketing for Corvette that sometimes we are surprised when we do come across a real-life example. I guess it’s further proof that Chevrolet wants people to know that it’s still building rockets!

Alok Paleri / Twitter

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