[VIDEO] Twin-Turbo C2 Corvette Runs in the Nines!


[VIDEO] Twin-Turbo C2 Corvette Runs in the Nines!

You known how much we appreciate Midyear Corvettes around here. But most of the C2 Corvettes we usually share are not like this one whose Texas vanity plate reads “RUNS9S”.

The video is light on the car’s specifics other than advertising the C2 Vette as a twin-turbo. The car is most likely a 1963/64 as it has the early C2 rear-end while the front clip features the five-vent quarter panels and stinger hood from a 1967. The turbo wine can be heard as this track monster revs up for its succession of nine second runs at the quarter of mile.

With the first two of the three runs, the Corvette is only racing against the clock. But in the third run, the Corvette has a competitor in the left lane and is given a run for its money.

The Sting Ray looks outfitted for speed. Big fat drag tires completely fill the wheel wells. The headlights are taped up and the Corvette gave up its front chrome bumpers and gained a chin spoiler.

As the lights go green, this little Sting Ray turns into a handful. Watch these nine second quarter mile runs:

Not all C2 Corvettes are Bloomington Gold/NCRS and that’s okay! A Corvette going fast is the fulfillment of its destiny.

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