STUDY: Corvette Ranks in Top 10 Vehicles that People Keep the Longest


STUDY: Corvette Ranks in Top 10 Vehicles that People Keep the Longest

How long have you owned your Corvette?

A new study by the folks at ranks the Corvette among the top 10 new cars that owners keep the longest.

The Corvette ranks No. 7 with an average length of ownership of 8.8 years.

No surprise to us enthusiasts who love their Corvettes, huh?

The website’s study found that new car buyers keep their cars an average of 7.3 years before selling or trading.

But the Corvette – and nine others – tended to entice their owners into longer periods of ownership – ranging from 21 to 45 percent longer, in fact.

The Toyota Land Cruiser ranked tops in the study with an average of 10.6 years of ownership, followed by 9.9 years for the Porsche Boxster, 9.0 years each for the Ford Expedition and Mercedes-Benz SLK, 8.9 years each for the Ford Explorer and Toyota Sequoia, and 8.8 years each for the Corvette, Toyota Avalon and 4Runner, and Audi TT.

STUDY: Corvette Ranks in Top 10 Vehicles that People Keep the Longest

Since five of the top 10 are SUVs, you might think that SUVs are kept longer in general than vehicles from other segments, but the study found that all SUVs together are kept an average of 7.2 years – slightly below the normal average of 7.3 years for all vehicles.

The study concludes the reasons new car buyers hold onto certain cars the longest seems to be driven by unique features of the specific models themselves, the buyer segment that the model attracts, or as a result of their timeless look, making older models look newer.

The Corvette definitely fits into all those categories.


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  1. I bought my first Corvette ( a 1963 roadster) in 1972 and Had 4 more since then. My current 1980 I’ve had (22 yrs) since 1995. I will probably keep it even though I plan on buying a newer one soon. It’s family.

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